Harmonious Boat Ride in the Placid waters of Marmaris

marmaris boat tour

Marmaris is a sweet small city on the southwestern coast of Turkey. With tourism as the main business millions of travel enthusiasts from across the world come to this city each year to have a pleasant and relaxing time. What attracts people so much in Marmaris, is its clear blue water and perfect Mediterranean weather.

In such a perfect combination of geolocation and weather, Boating and cruising are one of the favourite past time for the tourists who are spends time here. In this blog, you will get a detailed description of the thrilling experience of boat ride in Marmaris. You will also get to know about the specifics of several boat riding packages here.

Before getting to know about the boating experience, here is comprehensive information about several Boating packages in Marmaris. The famous boating trip packages include All-Inclusive Boat Trip, Semi Submarine Tour, Davy Jones Boat trip, Mega Diana Boat trip, Cleopatra Island Boat trip, Marmaris moonlight cruise, and Aegean Island Boat Trip.

The area-specific Boat trips hover around a specific spot with a lot of recreational activities in the boat itself, and the standard all-inclusive Boat trips. A short discussion on the noteworthy boat trip is here.

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All-Inclusive Boat trip:

This is the standard Boat package that you can get to visit most of the important places around Marmaris and its surrounding bay. A double-decker standard boat will take you on the cruise for around eight hours. Some of the spectacular and popular spots visited on this trip are the Amos island, Phosphorous island, and Turunc village.

You will get enough time to dive in the crystal-clear water of the places while being visited. Foods are inclusive in this boat ride; standard lunch is served to everyone and you will also get free local drinks.

Davy Jones Boat trip:

If you are a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, it is needless to mention the pirate Davy Jones. Here in Marmaris, to spice up your trip replica or model pirate Boats are used.

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The boat or ship used in this trip is a premium one with 5 floors, and multiple restaurants, dining facilities and Bar. There are also extra recreational activities like the DJ party and foam party, one of the exceptional rides of this Boat is a slide from 3rd floor directly into the sea, you will absolutely love this particular thrilling experience.

Since Davy Jones Boat trip is an all-inclusive premium boat trip, you will get meals several times of the day in buffet style. Don’t forget to taste the drinks too, because they are also included in the package.

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The Moonlit night cruise:

The moonlit cruise is famous for its night time party. Besides you can also have a beautiful time with your loved ones while sailing in the calm water, sea breeze and moon shining like a silver dish at night.

Since this is a night-time cruise, you won’t be able to see the natural beauty like the day time, but the night time experience is glamorous as well. The Davy Jones pirate boat is used in this trip, so basically, it’s the nocturnal version of the Davy Jones pirate boat trip.

Cleopatra Island Boat trip from Marmaris:

The golden blissful beach of Sedir which is also known as Cleopatra Island is one of the greatest attractions for the tourists who are travelling Marmaris. And what could be a better way of visiting such a beautiful spot than cruising in a boat?

From that perspective, there are a lot of boating packages from Marmaris to Sedir (Cleopatra Island). The Boating trip itself is a 2-hour Journey and after reaching Cleopatra Island you will have an additional 3 hours of exploring and sightseeing. A barbecue lunch is inclusive with the tour package, and you will also get swimming break in some breathtaking spots on the way to your destination.

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Dalyan Boat trip from Marmaris:

The Dalyan boat trip is a very popular one amongst the tourists visiting Marmaris because it covers some of the fascinating spots and you will have a great experience here.

The main place covered in this tour is the Aquarium bay, the Iztuzu or the turtle beach and the tombs of the Lycian Kings. This tour will be a combination of relaxation and historical learning for you.

The main attraction of this tour is the thermal pool and mud baths of Iztuzu. It is often said that this mud bath is having health benefit for the body.

These are the main boating trips that you can take in Marmaris, though this is not the only ones rather they are most popular and interesting ones that you will find here.

Some points to note:

There are several general conventions that are true for all the boating trips in Marmaris, firstly they are fully safe. On one hand, experienced crewmen deal with the boat and on the other hand, you will also be covered by insurance. So, you can have a relaxing boat trip without worries.

Most of the boat trip has shuttle bus service from and to your hotel or resort, so you will not have to bear the extra expense for travelling. The trips are meal inclusive and, in most cases, you will get lunch and free local drinks.

Above all boat rides in Marmaris is highly recommended for anyone interested to visit there. Because they are both relaxing and thrilling at the same time. And you will definitely cherish these moments throughout your life.


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