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It is a blessing to be born with proper functioning sensory organs. However, you are not alone if you or your child are facing any congenital ENT disorder. It is important to make the right decision in choosing an experienced ENT doctor, who can handle a variety of ear, nose and throat complications.  The doctors at   the ENT clinic Singapore offers adult and paediatric expertise to rectify such issues, helping your child to lead a normal life.

The incidence of ENT disorders in Singapore are on the rise and it is important to have yourself diagnosed early by a qualified ENT doctor so that any medical issue can be nipped off in the bud. Drs Jeeve Kanagalingam, Annabelle Leong and Chris Hobbs at the ENT Clinic Singapore have an established reputation in the field of otolaryngology. This clinic has the facilities to treat a broad range of ENT conditions from loss of hearing to head and neck cancers.

Conveniently located at the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore, the clinic is well supported by experienced doctors who are trained in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Their practice includes ENT specialists, speech therapists, audiologists, nurses and clinic attendants, all of whom are proficient in their roles.

Services Offered

  • Specialised Paediatric ENT: The ENT specialists here are trained to treat child ENT cases to include all forms of ear, nose and throat surgeries. The staff is friendly and flexible to the needs of the kids ensuring a child-friendly service. The services include common pediatric ENT conditions like ear infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis, speech delays etc. Some of these conditions like tonsillitis may require tonsillectomy. Loss of hearing is treated using grommets or through the insertion of ventilation tubes.
  • Allergy, Airway, Sleep & Snoring: Allergies are a common problem in the young and the old, and this practice offers comprehensive care for all upper airway respiratory issues. They offer treatment options for snoring and identifying obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The practice offers a holistic approach to assist patients with multiple ENT problems. For instance a chronic cough can be due to multifactorial reasons and it is important to understand the root cause behind.
  • Hearing and Balance: A blocked ear and sudden loss of hearing can occur in many individuals. The ENT specialists at the clinic are well trained to handle such cases with their hospital experience in tertiary care around the world including UK, Australia and North America. A blocked ear may be due to a hearing loss and it is important to pay attention to it early. In-house tests like pure tone audiometry and tympanometry helps in diagnosing the underlying condition accurately. Dizziness and vertigo are part of imbalance and a good ENT doctor can help you restrain balance and fitness to your body.
  • Voice and Speech Therapy: Speech and voice problems are dealt comprehensively in the ENT clinic Singapore. Treatment is offered for loss of voice, hoarseness in voice and for speech impairment. Together with children, voice professionals and singers also visit the clinic for treatment.

The ENT Clinic Singapore should be your primary choice for any ENT appointment. Whether your visiting Singapore on holiday as a tourist and accidentally got a fish bone stuck in your throat after tasting the famous fish head curry or need to resolve a lingering ear infection or perhaps a diagnosis on a swelling thyroid, the practice sees a wide range of patients each day. For more details on the ENT specialists present and details of their medical office, you can visit their website at

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