Crucial Home Inspections to Maintain Your Home’s Structural Integrity


If you’re a first-time homebuyer or a current homeowner, you may be familiar with the challenge of inspecting your home for defects or ensuring your home is in order. Home inspections may seem like a hassle, but they are crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of your house. At times, your home may look beautiful on the outside, but internally, there may be several problems that you’re unable to see.

Different areas or appliances in your home will require various inspections from professionals. The most common ones include wood damage to be checked by a termite inspector or electrical inspections to help you determine whether or not you need to call in an electrician. In a way, you can think of the multiple inspections as a form of insurance since your house is one of the most significant and most valuable investments.

Electrical Connections

Inspectors will help you assess whether your electrical box and other wirings are correctly installed and still working well in your home. Electrical inspections are crucial since they can help prevent electrical surges, which may damage your appliances or cause short circuits. The latter is known for causing house fires, so getting your wires checked regularly will help prevent accidents from happening.

In case there are some problems with your electrical box, you can contact an electrician to know the best course of action. At times, you may have loose wiring that can be fixed, but other times, you may have to replace your electrical box completely. Ultimately, the extensive knowledge of electricians will help ensure that you can use your electrical appliances daily without worry.

Water Systems

Checking your water systems from time to time will be crucial to determine that you have access to potable water. If you have a well that is used for drinking water, make sure to test out the water hardness and the presence of any materials like lead or arsenic, if any. Inspectors may also look at your pipes to check if any are clogged and need to be replaced.

Wood Damage

If your house contains several wooden furniture, it will be best to contact an inspector who can also check for possible termites. These insects may bore through the wood and cause damage not only to your furniture but also to the overall structure of your home, especially if you have wood flooring.

Chemicals and Gases

Checking for chemicals or gases, such as radon or methane gas, should also be one of your top priorities. Radon is known to be a decay product of uranium, which can have radioactive effects. The colorless gas can seep through crevices and cracks in your home, and elevated levels may have harmful effects on your health.

To avoid this situation, you can get a professional to test your home and check for radon gas levels. In case your home has high levels, your inspector will help you take immediate measures to get rid of the radon.

If you have not yet scheduled a home inspection for a long time and are unsure whether to get a plumber, electrician, gas leak inspector, or a pest control service, you can consider getting a standard inspection. This type will cover all the necessities or common areas like plumbing, electrical connections, insulation, and other structural features. This way, you get a good idea of what features of your home require improvements or repairs, and then work from there.

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