Types of Criminal Defense You Must Know About

Types of Criminal Defense

When you are accused of a crime, you would need to appear in the court to prove yourself guilty or seek the punishment for your crime. You would also need a criminal defense attorney who will fight your case on your behalf. A credible Tampa criminal defense lawyer will work for your rights and provide you with all the necessary legal services throughout the case. In order to prove the accused innocent and free them from the guilty, a criminal defense lawyer has to use some criminal defense.

Criminal defense is basically a strategic argument made by the defense lawyer that eventually challenges the validations and evidence of the prosecutions to help the accused. The prosecution is the opposite party who alleged criminal charges against the accused.

Types of Criminal Defenses

There are plenty of criminal defenses that you need to be acquainted with in order to determine the basic difference among them.

Affirmative Criminal Defense

There are some criminal defenses that require criminal defense attorneys to prove the evidence presented by the prosecution completely wrong. Affirmative criminal defense is the exact opposite to it, the attorney and the defendant have to support the evidence provided by the prosecution. Both the defendant and the attorney have to produce in the defense rather than claiming that the evidence of the prosecution is false. 

The Insanity Defense

Neither successful nor frequently used, this type of criminal defense is popularized by TV shows and movies for the dramatic effect. The insanity defense defines that the defendant committed a crime, but he/she wasn’t aware what has been dome was legally wrong and deemed as a crime. To support the insanity defense, the criminal defense lawyer has to claim that the defendant is suffering from some sort of mental disorder. This is the only way in which the insanity defense works, other than that it is an unsuccessful defense tactic. 

Coercion and Duress

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Coercion and duress are a part of affirmative defense wherein, the defendant has to state that he/she was forced to commit the crime under the pressure of an unlawful force. This defense tactic cannot be used when you invoke other reckless criminal actions. For instance, if you have been involved in drug dealing under the unlawful force but that led you to commit another crime, such as robbery. In such cases, coercion and duress don’t work.

Abandonment And Withdrawal

Also referred to as renunciation, this type of defense tactic basically requires the defendant to state that they were going to commit a crime, but decided to abandon or withdraw from it eventually. It is technically a form of the affirmative defense.


Criminal defense is a broader term with its types and purposes. It is important to understand the basic difference between the different types of criminal defenses in order to embrace its benefits.

The above mentioned were the common types of criminal defenses that everyone must be aware of. It is important to learn about criminal defenses in order to make the best use of them whenever necessary. 

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