Signs You’re Dating a Married Man and What You Should Do

dating married man

So, you’ve found your dream guy. He’s slightly older but he’s mature and he treats you well. He pays for your dates, takes you to romantic locations and always buys you gifts. But, you start to feel like something’s up. He won’t take your calls and avoids seeing you more than once a week. You may chalk this up to his busy schedule, but his behavior is persistently avoidant and hesitant.

Although we don’t recommend jumping to conclusions, you might want to be cognizant of a possible reason: you are dating a married man. You might be his side piece that he’s trying to keep on the down-low, out of sight from the rest of his life. Although people’s behaviors vary, there are some telltale signs of an infidel husband that you should watch out for.

So, how do you find out if someone is married? Keep reading, as we will compile some key signs and provide you with some potential courses of action.

Signs you’re dating a married man

Many of these signs could have other reasons so we caution our readers not to be overly suspicious if your man displays one of these behaviors. But, if you’re nodding in agreement after every item on this list then you might want to take a second look at your relationship.

  • He doesn’t want to add you on social media

It’s one thing if he doesn’t have or use social media platforms often, but if he’s on Instagram or Facebook and refuses to add you, chances are, he’s trying to hide your existence. This wouldn’t have been a big issue say, 10 years ago, but in today’s tech-driven world, most people have an online presence. And if he doesn’t want to share his presence with you, he’s probably trying to hide something quite obvious (like a family).

  • He never invites you over; it’s always at your place

This one is up for interpretation, but if he never invites you over or even suggests coming over in the slightest, he probably doesn’t want you to see his home life. There are a lot of excuses he can throw out, from his place being small and cramped or his bathroom getting renovated. Even if he’s not inviting you to stay the night, you should be able to, at the very least, see his place briefly. If he’s rejecting any suggestion of you stepping foot into his place, be wary.

  • Your contact name isn’t your real name on his phone

This sign is very easy to spot. Just text him while he has his phone out and see what your name is on his notification pop-up. If it’s just the first letter of your name or some other nickname (or even a guy’s name), he might be trying to cover up your identity.

  • The ring band line

Obviously, any married man going on a date with another woman would have the sense to take off his ring, but the imprint and tan line left behind by it can be noticeable. If you meet at a party, bar, club or any dark setting, it may be hard to spot. However, next time you are out with him in the daylight, be sure to glance at his ring finger for clues.

  • He doesn’t answer certain calls when he’s with you

If he constantly leaves his phone ringing when you guys are on a date, it might be his wife or kids trying to reach him. Of course, he doesn’t want to be speaking to his partner in front of you; that would be a dead giveaway to his infidelity. You might brush it off as him being considerate and not checking his phone when you guys are together. But if he never picks up certain calls when he’s around you, that could be a sign that you’re dating a married man.

At the end of the day, if your man displays some of these signs, it might not be anything. But keep in mind that 20% of men have admitted to having sex with someone else while married. That’s a sizable percentage and enough for most people to be a little bit suspicious of their boyfriend.

There is a multitude of reasons why men might cheat. Maybe your man travels a lot for work, and you’re just some company when he’s on a business trip. Maybe there’s something going on with his marriage. Men who earn less than their wives and are more financially dependent on them tend to cheat more often. Or maybe their marriage is falling apart and he’s looking elsewhere for fulfillment.


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