UAE Healthcare: How Clinics Can Survive the Crowded Market

clinics survive Crowded Market

The UAE has the best private and public hospitals; however, over the years, there has been a concern over the number of health facilities in the region. The presence of many hospitals means that clinics will struggle to attract patients. Private hospitals outnumber public and government-run facilities.

This is not always beneficial because most of these health facilities were built with an entrepreneurial mind. They are located in areas where they can generate the most profit rather than where they are most needed. How Clinics Can Survive the Crowded Market-

Problems with the Crowded Market

Clinics face many issues due to the crowded market. Health facilities in the UAE outnumber patients. This problem might increase as more hospitals continue to be built. Clinics require at least 50% occupancy to cover their costs and make profits. However, some cities such as Dubai cannot reach this number, and the facilities operate at a lower percentage.

Also, the UAE’s population is not high enough to support the number of hospitals available. The well-paid Western professionals are also being replaced with their counterparts from the Middle East and India with lower incomes. These lower remuneration packages indicate a low demand in healthcare.

How to Survive in the Crowded Market

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Standing out in a crowd is challenging, especially with the large number of health facilities in the UAE. Both bigger and smaller clinics are trying to compete and throw you out of the market. However, you can outsmart all your competitors with the following tips:

Consider Your Prices

You might be tempted to lower your prices to attract more patients, but this will not solve any problems. Low prices often indicate low-quality services and qualifications. Healthcare is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives, and everybody wants the best services.

You need to include reasonable prices, which give you profits, but also not too high for your patients. When patients search for a surgeon near me, they will skip any clinic with very high or low prices.

The best strategy is to concentrate on efficiency and ensuring that you don’t compromise patient satisfaction like respectful and courteous services. You can also join an umbrella group to reap all the benefits of better negotiation power and economies of scale.


Recommendations, especially by word of mouth, are powerful tools for surviving in a crowded market. This is one of the best ways to build trust and patient loyalty to your brand. This is because people tend to trust recommendations from their families and close associates.

Social media and online reviews also go a long way in pointing people to your clinic. You can use this as a marketing strategy that will attract more patients at a lower cost. People are more likely to recommend your clinic if you provide the best services. When patients search for a doctor near me Dubai and see all the positive feedback and reviews, they’ll most likely visit your clinic.

The disadvantage of using online sources to attract more patients is that most people leave negative reviews, and only a few share positive feedbacks. Avoid this situation by encouraging your patients to write online reviews about your clinic and sending them personalized thank you emails.

Your Customer Services Matter

Even if you think you have the best customer service in the region, you ought to keep improving. When patients search for a surgeon near me and visit your facility, they ought to be treated as important people.

The reception workers are the first people your patients interact with, so they are as important as the services you offer. Patients can develop a negative attitude towards the clinic because of your reception staff. Hire professionals or teach your reception staff to answer calls courteously and to speak to patients in a friendly manner. Communication and interpersonal skills come in hand for such employees.

Appearances Matter

This has nothing to do with you, but with your facility. Ask yourself whether you’re waiting room is presentable and clean. Is your décor outdated? What about the washrooms? Do you have separate toilets for men and women? Are they always stocked and clean? Patients will visit your clinic if they search for a surgeon near me and read about your clean waiting room and hygienic treatment areas.

Even if you have the best services around, patients will never visit your clinic twice, if you fail on hygiene. These are the small things that matter, just like being concerned and listening to your patients. Ensure that your clinic is clean; this includes assessing the cleanliness in the waiting areas and restrooms. Also, ensure that patients can access refreshments like hand sanitizers.

Dealing with competition is frustrating, especially when you have to deal with low demand. The availability of many hospitals in the UAE and the less demand makes it hard for clinics to get patients. However, you don’t need a miracle to make your health facility stand out.

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