How Joining A Country Club Can Help You Maintain Your Fitness Resolution

Fitness Resolution

The key to successfully adhering to a New Year’s resolution for an entire year is putting yourself in a position to do what you promised. After all, it’s very difficult to make a health related resolution if you work in a restaurant or aren’t willing to do a little exercise.

Going into the new year, you might want to consider doing something about your physical health. You can sit down on New Year’s Eve and make a resolution in that regard. Whether you want to get yourself in shape or simply maintain what you have going, you might want to consider joining a country club.

To motivate you to consider joining a country club like the Eagle Harbor Golf Club in Fleming Island, a discussion about the benefits of country club membership would seem to be in order.

The Benefits of Country Club Membership

First, you need to understand just how much fun and relaxation you can get on the golf course. As long as you temper your score expectations, you’ll likely find that every round of golf you play is a simple joy.

It starts with the fact your are out in the great outdoors. All that fresh air will serve you well. Whether you decide to walk the golf course or ride a cart, you still get plenty of opportunities to get some exercise. Forget what the naysayers say. The bending, swinging and climbing out of sand traps you’ll do will help provide your body with the exercise you need.

Another great benefit of country club membership is the camaraderie you can share with the other members. As long as you select a country club that fits your personality, there’s an excellent chance you are going to meet people with whom you have a lot in common. By the way, that camaraderie will extend beyond the golf course. Most of the top country clubs schedule fun and exciting events for membership.

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We mention membership camaraderie because it could play a part in helping your mental health. If your body is getting exercise and your mind is getting mental stimulation, your overall health will surely benefit.

The Extra Amenities

If you carefully select your country club, you might well be able to get access to other amenities that can help you with your health related resolutions.

Many of the top country clubs offer excellent exercise amenities. That means having access to the latest and greatest in exercise technology. After a good workout, you might get the opportunity to visit the country club’s spa where you can relax with a sauna bath and professional massage.

If you still have a craving for the great outdoors, it’s quite possible you’ll have access to tennis courts and/or an Olympic size pool. These are all great amenities you can use to help get your body in shape and improve your heart and breathing functions.

In the late afternoon, you can visit the juice bar for a refreshing and nutritious smoothie or fruit shake. At dinner time, the country club’s dining facility would be at your disposal. The one thing you can count on from a country club restaurant is the menu is bound to include nutritious foods.

Yes, you will likely have to pay membership dues. The amount you pay will likely be determined by the number of amenities the country club is offering. With that said, how can you go wrong? Think about your health resolution. Where else can you take care of your body and have fun all for the price of one country club membership payment?

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