Cannabis Use Before Sedation

Cannabis Use Before Sedation

If you are a consumer of cannabis and are wondering how it affects surgeries and sedation prior to undergoing procedures, then this article will help you to understand the correlation between the two. You should understand that consuming cannabis in any form can have an effect on your surgical outcome, how fast you are able to get out of the hospital, and how your healing process goes post-surgery.

Cannabis Use Before Surgery

Cigarette smokers are advised to quit smoking in the weeks leading up to a surgery taking place in order to reduce the odds of complications from occurring both during and after surgery, and the same holds true for those who smoke cannabis. One such complication is airway hyperreactivity, which can lead to death if the airway is dramatically obstructed during a medical procedure, and this can affect cannabis users who either smoke or consume it in other ways.

The research conducted on cannabis being smoked days or weeks prior to surgery isn’t as extensive as research done on tobacco smokers and their surgical experiences, but more will be done going forward as recreational use has been legalized in some states and all across Canada.

Cannabis Use Before Sedation

Cannabis has been proven to have certain medicinal benefits, but cannabis use before sedation isn’t recommended as it has the potential to interact in a negative way with anesthesia. Higher doses of sedation are typically needed for cannabis users, just how much depends on a variety of factors, but more sedation is used on average for those who use cannabis.

Cannabis smokers tend to also be on the ventilator longer than those who are non-smokers, the risk of developing pneumonia post-surgery is elevated, and incision scarring can be also more apparent as well.

Don’t Use Cannabis Directly Before Surgeries

Some people may be tempted to use cannabis before surgery thinking that it will help them relax or feel less stressed. The reality though, is that cannabis causes the body’s blood vessels to relax, causing blood pressure to fall and the heart rate to increase. If there are issues with surgery this can also cause blood pressure to fall, and the body’s response to anesthesia can be altered in a less than favorable way.

Be Honest About Your Cannabis Consumption

Be sure to be open and honest with your doctor about any cannabis consumption you’ve had in the weeks or months leading up to surgery. Whoever administers the anesthesia will need to be aware of this as well to potentially increase the amount given, and an extra close eye will need to be placed on your airway during the procedure. If use is very recent, then your doctor may push back the surgery date just to be extra cautious in order to minimize potential risks.

Refraining from cannabis use weeks or months before surgery is a great idea to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible during the procedure. Cannabis consumption after surgery should be minimized as well as your body is already naturally doing everything in its power to heal and recover as quickly as possible.


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