Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer for a Dog Bite Claim

law for dog bite claims

Being attacked and bitten by a dog is a frightening experience at any age. Whether you’re a child or an adult, the potential for physical and emotional trauma when it comes to dog bites is high.If you happen to experience a dog bite, you may need to consult a personal injury lawyer to guide you through the legal stuff. A good lawyer will help you understand the financial aspect of a claim, and guide you through the process of filing a claim for compensation. Here are some reasons why you need to hire an experienced lawyer to manage your dog bite claim. Go here

A lawyer will help you claim higher compensation

Based on a previous report, dogs bite around 4.7 million Americans annually, yet insurance companies only pay victims around $15,000 to $16,000. That means only less than 1% of dog bite victims get compensated. Without a lawyer, you only have a small chance of getting what you deserve. But if you have an attorney, you get at least 66% of the compensation, and this is greater than the 10% to 20% that the insurance companies offer.

A lawyer aids you on a contingency basis

A contingency basis means that a lawyer will not require you to pay anything until the case is settled. If the lawyer you hire works like this, they only get paid based on the amount of money that the victim receives. If there is nothing recovered, then you don’t owe anything. Dog bite claim lawyers will not ask you to pay a lawyer’s fee, and there is no need to repay your lawyer for what he has spent as well.

Lawyers help you understand the claims process

Since most victims make unnecessary accusations, lawyers know how to deflect criticism effectively. They know how to handle such legal matters easily, and this is one of their primary goals — that you won’t stress yourself out thinking about expenses and how to obtain your dog claim.

Lawyers deal with insurance companies in a professional manner

Lawyers remain calm and do not get into harsh confrontations with dog owners. They do not harass or humiliate them, threaten them, make them feel guilty, foreclose their homes, push them to bankruptcy or kill their dogs. Most of the physical injuries associated with animal or dog bites do not reach trial. That’s because lawyers are there to help resolve a claim before it even goes into court.

Lawyers are knowledgeable in the efficient assessment of claims

A lawyer well-versed in dog bite claims will be of help when it comes to the assessment of a claim on behalf of the victim. Since a claim for lost income needs concrete evidence from your employer, it is best for your lawyer to get to it first. According to the experts at the Sawaya Law Firm (, a claim should consist of basic information regarding the number of hours, days, or weeks lost and other significant proof such as work reviews, fringe benefits, and causation. Lawyers may also render additional services as part of their representation for dog bite victims. In this sense, they help manage third-party claims.

A lawyer will spend money in order for you to get the compensation you deserve

A lawyer spends his or her own money in order to obtain legitimate copies of medical billing and evidence. They also hire a photographer to take photos of the dog bite and discuss things with a private investigator to be aware of the history of the dog that attacked you. Your lawyer can also handle the retention of a nurse consultant for the review, organization, and summarization of medical proof. They also determine whether the dog owner has acquired insurance for the dog prior to the incident.

A lawyer handles earning capacity loss effectively

Lawyers can successfully prove an earning capacity loss, and this is something beyond the scope of a dog bite victim. As this is perceived to be the biggest portion of a loss that can be experienced in years, it is important that a well-experienced lawyer deals with this aspect.

Acquiring and retaining a lawyer in the process of a dog bite claim will allow the insurance company to make better assessments and estimates regarding the amount of compensation that you should be getting. Highly competent lawyers provide guides and significant proof to insurance companies. Therefore, if a good assessment is done after a dog bite incident, the claim becomes easier to resolve.

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