5 Bad habits you need to abstain from for leading a healthy life

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The most beautiful house, the tastiest meal, the best car, or the highest bank balance in the world, will be of no use if we are sick and are suffering. Material possessions are important but not more than our health. But many times, we take our health for granted. We indulge in various unhealthy and bad habits which damage our immune system and reduce our number of days in the world. An ailing body not only means suffering and eventually death, but it also means huge medical expenses which can be a dreadful experience.

Some common Unhealthy habits to stop immediately


  1. Staying long hours in the empty stomach: Due to our hectic life, skipping meals is a common phenomenon. Reaching the office on time, sending our kids to school at the right time seems more important than a healthy breakfast. Thus, our body suffers. Our stomach secretes large quantities of hydrochloric acid or HCL, which when does not receive any substrate starts engulfing its cells leading to ulcers and various chronic gastrointestinal diseases. Eating after every 3 hours is thus the key to a healthy life. A healthy breakfast makes us ready for the day. Similarly, lunch, supper, dinner, and in between healthy snacks and juices must be taken at the correct time to care of our digestive system.


  1. Not having a proper sleep: Research suggests that 7-8 hours of deep sleep is essential to strengthen the immune system and heal our body. A balanced diet and proper exercise will be of no help if you skip a good sleep at night. While we sleep, our brain and heart function slow down, pulse rate and heartbeat drop and body temperature falls, helping the body to relax. Sleeping relaxes the nerves and supplies more oxygen to the cells. If you skip a good sleep even for a single day, your body gets more susceptible to infections. Thus, never compromise with your sleep.
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  1. Smoking: Smoking is one of the leading causes of death all through the globe. Tobacco is carcinogenic and smoking excessive cigarettes not only causes lung and oral cancer in the long run but is also one of the main causes of several respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. For regular smokers, quitting smoking at once can be difficult; they can go for vaping. The VOOPOO VINCI is a sleek looking, new age vaping device with long battery back-up. Since instead of tobacco, nicotine is contained in the vapes, that too in small amounts, the risk of vaping is much less compared to that of smoking. Although these e-cigarettes are not accepted by all, they are good for chain smokers and can help them give off the dangerous habit of smoking gradually.


  1. Not drinking enough water: We all know that 70% of our body is made of water and water is essential for all vital processes taking place in the body. Lack of water will make us dehydrated, and eventually, we will be more prone to infections. During any infection or ailment, one common remedy suggested to us is drinking adequate water. This is because water regulates our metabolism, helps in flushing out the toxins from our body but helping the kidney to filter properly, prevents constipation, and even regulates our body temperature. Thus when we suffer from fever or throat infections, water is very helpful to keep the body hydrated so that it can fight with the germs. On average, drinking 2 liters of water every day is compulsory, the intake may be slightly more or less depending on the weather conditions, our body weight, or other functions. So, those who are more into drinking aerated drinks and sweetened fruit juices when they feel thirsty, they should know that there is no substitute for drinking water.
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  1. Living a sedentary life: As our world is getting digital day by day, we are becoming more and more sedentary. Sitting long hours in front of the computer or laptop is the most common cause of several ailments that people are suffering from. More than hitting the gym or getting into rigorous work-out sessions, 30 minutes of brisk walking every day is the best way to stay fir. Mild and regular exercise keeps us active, reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and various other ailments, relaxes our body and mind, and improves our sleep. Those who sit for long hours are more likely to suffer from all these ailments and have a reduced lifespan. So, even if your work demands you to sit for long hours, take a break at intervals and walk for 10 minutes in between. Using the stairs instead of using the lift, walking or cycling to nearby places instead of riding a bike or taking a cab and getting involved in outdoor games at your leisure time can make you feel much better not only physically, but mentally too.


We hope that the above-mentioned tips will certainly help you realize the bad habits you are into and rectify them at the earliest to lead a happy and healthy life.


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