6 Misconceptions About Using Design Agency Services

Design Agency Services

Both full-service and boutique digital design agencies are experiencing something of a renaissance, thanks to new trends in marketing where highly-customized campaigns and strategies are now the norm.

If you’re thinking of taking the services of a professional digital design company, it can help create better expectations and ultimately, better output if you know what exactly is involved in dealing with agencies. Weird ideas of the work involve abound, and you might have heard a few things about them that aren’t exactly accurate.

Here are some common misconceptions about using digital design agencies.

1.) You have unlimited revisions

You might be able to strong-arm some poor individual freelancer into doing this, but in a typical design agency situation, there is usually a stipulation on how many revisions or studies the agency can produce for you. Revisions beyond a certain number are usually impractical or expensive for this reason.

2.) Outsourcing digital design is expensive

It depends on the context. Building the capability to do a certain thing that a digital design company is capable of that you only need infrequently can be expensive.

Web animation, for instance, is in high demand these days for all kinds of businesses. But it would be impractical for most organizations to set up a team that does attempt web animation full-time.

This means that if your business needs something animated, then outsourcing animation to be done professionally is cheaper than doing a terrible job of it yourself. The same thing can be said about virtually every design field, from print design to UX design.

3.) Logos can be had for just a few bucks

This is technically true due to sites like Fiverr and the influx of hungry and willing logo design companies and designers from many developing nations, many of whom are genuinely talented. Unfortunately, you will always get what you pay for when it comes to logos. Chances are that a logo that was made for just a few bucks will not properly encapsulate the essence of your company, making it worthless in reality, no matter how much you think you saved.

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4.) You can reuse whatever you find online

Please don’t try this. This can run you the very serious risk of being sued for intellectual property infringement, and rightly so. One of the more compelling reasons to go with a digital design company is that they will be the ones who will find legal-to-use assets that can be used for creations that will be your own. Finding legal images and creating visual assets isn’t always easy to do, and doing this efficiently can be a huge pain to do on your own. As a bonus, agencies can also assume the responsibility in case your business is sued for any alleged infringement.

5.) Minimalist designs should cost less

We hear this a lot, but it simply isn’t true. It takes years of practice to create effective minimalist designs in almost any context. And it takes even more years for a designer to be able to create them quickly.

Much like more experienced lawyers cost more per hour regardless of the difficulty of the case, the value of going with an experienced digital design company goes beyond the dollar amount of the final output. You are also paying for peace of mind and the certainty that you will get something that works to your advantage.

6.) My in-house artist can do it all
We’re pretty sure they can. The questions are, how much can they do, and what can they do exactly. As an analogy, just because someone is brilliant at making French cuisine, doesn’t mean they’ll be great at making Thai food, as Gordon Ramsey infamously found out.

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There may also be instances that you will need extra capacity, such as when you need assets for an online commerce site. And if your business does not specialize in design, chances are your in-house artist will not have the time to do deep dives into any specific discipline because they’re constantly tied up doing other work. Agency creatives, on the other hand, tend to be much more specialized in terms of their capabilities.

There are certainly a few other misconceptions that we’ve missed. If you’re a designer, be sure to tell us your experiences as well. If you’re looking for a digital design company or want to learn more about what’s involved in the creative process, be sure to keep coming back for more updates.

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