Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Ways in Which Social Media is Responsible for Impacting the Manner in Which the Websites Are Designed

A brand with a website but without social media presence is almost non-existent nowadays. Why has it become commonplace to have social media presence regardless of whatever your brand is into? This piece takes a look at various reasons why harnessing the power of social media is very profitable to your business.

  • Brand Awareness

A strong social media presence can help you reach millions of people monthly. Many brands use valuable content to reach people that will share the content organically while others that want fast growth use paid promotions to introduce themselves to a new audience.

  • Website Traffic

The audience on social media is massive. Establishing a presence on social media is a very good source of generating traffic to your website. If you’re big on content marketing, providing valuable content on your website and using social media to draw attention to your content is a very clever way of getting customers into your sales funnel. A good example is how this Nigerian agency uses Instagram promotion to get traffic to its page about web design.

  • Crowdsourcing Ideas

Through social media, you can monitor how your existing and potential customers interact with your brand and source for ideas to implement into your brand. You can also outrightly ask customers to share ideas with you or create competitions that generate enough user-generated content for your brand. You can also use social media to test out ideas before investing in them.

  • Brand Loyalty

By having a strong presence on social media and actively interacting with your followers, you can easily get customers to be loyal to your brand. By being very responsive on social media and rewarding loyal customers from time to time, you set your brand apart and use other influencers on social media to market your brand. This helps in solidifying the trust customer have of your and hereby builds brand loyalty.

  • Brand Authority
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Customers want to know that they’re with a brand that knows its worth. Even if you perceive your brand as an authority in its industry, you still need to sell that to customers and have them believe it. Social media is one of the fastest ways of building brand authority. By positioning your brand as a thought leader and constantly driving the conversation on industry-specific topics, you quickly become an authority to everyone following your brand.

  • Customer Feedback

The importance of customer feedback can never be underestimated. Everyone makes provision for customer support but most people stick to just answering support tickets. You need to go beyond that. Sometimes, customers complain via social media platforms and being there at the right time to attend to them should be of optimum priority to you. Today, one negative assertion on social media about your brand can damage your brand identity if not curbed on time.

  • Leverage the Mindset of your Audience

This holds strong for brands looking to know exactly where in the sales funnel to new customers. The mindset a customer has while on Linkedin is different from that on Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest. Doing proper audience research and knowing where to direct potential customers coming from Facebook as opposed to Pinterest matters a lot in helping you guage when to close on a potential customer.

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