Plastic or Glass. Which is Better for Vaping?


As with most questions like this there isn’t a cut and dried answer.  Plastic has advantages over glass and vice versa.  We’ll briefly go over those advantages in this article.

Plastic Advantages

Plastic is frowned upon by many vapers butdefinitely has its place in your collection of vaporizers.

The biggest advantage plastic has over glass for containing your E-liquid is that it is moldable and can be shaped to fit into any shape imaginable.  Glass is very limited in this regard and will end up coming in a couple of shapes and sizes since glass must be heated up and blown.

Another aspect plastic has the edge over glass is that it is much more durable in the pocket.Glass is strong but brittle and prone to shattering.  Plastic, while strong, is flexible and able to take the impact of falling while with glass you’re going to end up with a pocket full of E-liquid and possibly some cuts.With plastic you won’t have to worry about accidental drops either.

Plastic vaping containers are much cheaper to produce and purchase.  It won’t cost you much to replace containers, but you will have to do so more often with plastics. You will be able to find bulk packages of canisters at a steep discount thanks to their economic production.

Plastic is much lighter than glass.  While not a major difference for infrequent vaping,the diminished weight could add up with heavy use.

How is Glass Better than Plastic

Glass is just a more classy and elegant container and, let’s face it, is preferable over plastic.  Most people would choose glass if there weren’t valid reasons to go with plastic.

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Since plastic is porous and glass isn’t you won’t have to worry about changing flavors of E-juice as the last flavor won’t taint your new latest favorite.  Also, plastic will degrade at a much quicker rate since the acids found in E-liquids will actually penetrate the surface and eat away from the inside.

Glass feels better, this isn’t an objective factor, but since we’re going to be holding these things for many hours, it may matter to some vapers.  The smoothness of the glass also helps in the cleaning, plastic ends up getting sticky and ends up feeling gross if you don’t replace it soon enough.

With glass you don’t need to worry about whether or not your container has BPA (bisphenol)or not, because all glass is free from it.  You don’t have to worry that your E-Juice is going to react with your container ruining the flavor along and the cannister.

While some plastics are rated to hold all kinds of acidic liquids, some aren’t.  With glass you won’t have to even think about this.

How to decide which material to get to hold your E-liquid?

If you lead an active lifestyle and will be carrying your vaporizer in your pocket you probably should be thinking about plastic and replacing them quickly before they deteriorate.  On the other hand if you are more careful with your vaping equipment glass is perfectly fine and preferable in many cases.  You could always check out the differences for your self at your local Tucson vape shop and feel for yourself.

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