What you need to know to improve leads for your roofing business

What you need to know to improve leads for your roofing business

Like in every other business, marketing is the key to success in the roofing business. You need to make sure that most of your marketing leads are converting into buying clients. Otherwise, you may end up spending hundreds of dollars a month, without any significant increase in sales. To help you increase the output you get from your marketing spend, here is what you need to know, to improve leads for your roofing business.

  1.   Engage the right marketers

One of the biggest mistakes roofing contractors make, is to engage the wrong partners for SEO. Yes, SEO is key to growth, but if done wrong, it can be a money pit. One SEO mistake that you can make is to go for a general SEO marketer. Such a marketer is unlikely to give you value for money. That’s because they don’t have a deep understanding of roofing. To get value for your money, go for an SEO marketer that is focused on roofing. RoofEngine is one such SEO company. They can help you generate valuable leads in the roofing market.

  1.   Outdoor advertising

While online marketing is effective, real estate is still largely an offline business. To increase the efficiency of your campaign, you can choose to go for a mix of online and offline. Offline marketing can be done by placing billboards at strategic locations. For instance, you can place them in areas where there are significant building and construction work in progress.

  1.   Attend roofing trade shows

One critical aspect of effective marketing is networking with the right people. When you have a wide network within the roofing industry, they can give you a heads up any time new projects emerge. One way to grow your network is to attend roofing trade shows. These shows are designed for, and by industry players, which makes them prime for developing valuable industry networks. To increase the efficacy of your trade show campaign, make sure you stand out in the trade show. For instance, you can offer brochures that don’t just provide your prices, but details on the quality of service you provide.

  1.   Be creative in your web design

Your website is in most cases, the first point of contact that customers have to your roofing business. As such, you need to ensure that it is attractive. Make sure that it has what it has all the information that customers need, displayed. You also need to ensure that it has a clear call to action. With a good website, and well-executed SEO strategy for search engine rankings, you lead conversion rate should grow as well.

  1.   Start a roofing blog

Blogging is an effective way to improve your leads. You just need to be creative about it, and make sure that your blog adds value. For instance, you can offer tips on how to cut the cost of roofing, while making subtle hints towards your business. This is a perfect way to make people build trust in your business, which can translate to better lead conversion.

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