10 easy ways to keep your house clean for longer

10 easy ways to keep your house clean for longer

Cleaning our homes is something that most of us frown upon. But it is a place where we are at our most comfortable selves. The area that serves as an anchor at the end of busy days sure needs some pampering. However, though many of us do not think much about the process of keeping our spaces clean, it’s the constant maintenance that gets to our nerves.

For some of us, cleaning our homes or doing chores may be very relaxing, therapeutic even!! Some good background score while doing the dishes or emptying your laundry basket will help you burn those extra calories along with getting things done. But for how long can you keep your sink free from dishes? Do you find it challenging to keep your carpet spotless?

If you are one of those who love your home and are slightly obsessed about it being clean, this article is especially for you. Here, you will find some ways not just to clean your home but to keep it fresh for longer.

If you have struggled to maintain a clean home for longer, read on for some handy tips.

Here are ten easy ways to keep your house clean for longer-

Start with the small things-

Tweaking your daily habits just a little bit can help you keep your space cleaner for longer. For example, if you are not in the habit of picking up your clothes right after changing, putting them directly in the laundry basket or back in the closet will help. Picking up things along the way and putting them in the right places will give you a lesser workload later on.

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Declutter your storage spaces-

It is a significant step to having a clean space. The idea is not to have too much clutter in your house that may need constant cleaning. You need to let go of the things that you no longer use. But if you are a hoarder, you can have a dedicated space for these things so that you don’t have to clean them often.

Try to keep your cleaning supplies in strategic places-

10 easy ways to keep your house clean for longer

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Storing your cleaning supplies in strategic spots will help you give on-the-spot treatment for some severe spills or marks. This way, you do not have to clean the area deep or even worry about staining. It is essential to recognize the most frequently used places in your home and concentrate on keeping those spaces clean.

Restrict eating to a specific area in your home-

The major reason for spots and stains on the furniture and the carpets are due to the spilling of foods or drinks. You need to restrict eating in only some places in the house like the dining area or the balcony. This will help you keep your furniture and your carpet free from spots, stains or even crumbs.

Use machine washable mats and curtains-

Carpets and curtains are the biggest hoarders of dust and germs. They are also challenging to clean often, making your space look quite untidy. Using mats and curtains which are machine washable are a great way to keep your house tidy and free of dust. Just load the machine with dirty mats and curtains, and you are good to go.

Extensive use of organizers to keep things in place-

10 easy ways to keep your house clean for longer

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Do not hesitate to use organizers for your closet of kitchen cabinets. They are a great way to store everything in place. You can also use them to keep glassware separate to avoid the risk of breaking or spilling. Using organisers in your closet will help you manage your space better, therefore not giving rise to any clutter.

Try to get rid of tiny spaces around your home-

Small areas are challenging to clean and hence are often ignored. Spaces such as under the stairs or behind your furniture do not serve any purpose. These only end up accumulating dust. Try to repurpose these small space as storage units for items that you do not use regularly. Another way to get rid of these tiny spaces is to push all your furniture to the wall.

Do your laundry every day-

10 easy ways to keep your house clean for longer

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If you want your home to look clean for longer, you will have to get rid of things that make it look untidy. Like undone laundry, for example. You must store your laundry neatly to make up for a tidy space. Make sure that you do not let your clothes pile up. Doing one load every day will not only keep your house free of dirty linen but will also give the space a clean look. Plus, fresh laundry smells amazing, isn’t it?

Dedicate 15 minutes of your time every day for small chores-

10 easy ways to keep your house clean for longer

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Doing small chores here and there will keep your home cleaner for longer. For example, make it a habit to make your bed every morning. Even dedicating 15 minutes to clean your kitchen before going to bed will save you from a mountain for chores to do in the busy mornings.

10) Involve your family to help you-

It is essential to instill a sense of cleanliness in your family members as well. Teach your children about how to use a vacuum cleaner with a flat extension cord. Cord extends the range of vacuum cleaner so one can easily reach difficult places of home-like under the bed, corners, ceilings, etc. Your kids need to understand that they have to pick up their toys after their playtime. You also need to instruct them to keep their stuff in the correct places.


Keeping your home clean should not be a daunting task. Thinking of it as a chore will only add to your woes. Also, incorporating clean habits like keeping countertops clutter-free or even wiping them down from time to time will help keep your space cleaner and more extended. Just a little planning and organizing will go a long way in maintaining a clean and happy environment.

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