Is Facebook not working properly? Fix it now

Facebook not working properly

The world around you is all about social life. And social media like Facebook has become the best option of sharing and connecting with friends. Life without Facebook has become miserable today. Now think of the moment when Facebook is not working correctly. It is the most disgusting and unfortunate experience. Luckily all these Facebook problems can be solved by a few steps discussed in this article.

Stay upbeat and go through the instructions given below-

1. Update your Facebook android app 

Why is my facebook not working on my phone? Facebook chronically push an update to its mobile applications for security and malware fixing processes. You must be sure that your messenger is up to date in the Google play store. If not, you can download the latest version of a Facebook application. If Downloading and installation of the app from Play Store ‘don’t fix the issue, log on to the official Facebook website and download updated Facebook.APK file.

2. Don’t show notification

Notification of Facebook lets you know what is going on social media. The situation can be worthless when notifications stop coming from Facebook. Be sure that you have enabled notification setting s for Facebook. Go to Settings from your device, then Applications > Facebook > Notifications. Enable Facebook notification option. You can do this from the Facebook application. Tap on the hamburger icon at the top right corner then Settings and Privacy>Help and Support>Notification Settings.

3. Resolve Pname Com Facebook Orca Error

Orca is a type of folder that is created by Facebook in object to store data on application from smartphones. “pname com Facebook orca” folder stores all files like video, audio, images, and plug-ins from smartphones (Android or Ios). It is automatically downloaded at the time of downloading the app.

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Somehow there is a misconception arising for the Facebook users that pname com Facebook orca error folder is a malware or virus. It is not valid, whether it is useful to retrieve deleted data and information in the system.

Fixing pname com Facebook orca error

Clear Facebook data

  • Go to “SETTINGS” from your device and select APPLICATION option
  • Click on the ALL APPS section
  • Find out Facebook APP and clear all data
  • Restart your phone & Facebook application

This is the best solution to resolve the pname com facebook orca problem because it removes all previous and recent data from the messenger app.

Unable to upload photos

  • Get an updated Adobe Flash on PC
  • Upload original picture instead of an edited version
  • Check image format; Facebook accepts JPEG, BMP, PNG (1MB), GIF or TIFF files
  • Image size should be less than 15 MB

Hopefully, the discussion above was good enough to solve your problem with Facebook. Do the needful and restore your problem-free browsing session.

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