Petite Girls and 9 Fashion Glitches That They Should Avoid

Petite Girls and 9 Fashion Glitches That They Should Avoid

Short girls have often been called by different names by their friends and acquaintances, and these names are responsible for filling every one of them with numerous insecurities. Petite women normally have a slim body frame along with a short and adorable height. However, you are making certain basic fashion glitches, which is responsible for making you look shorter than what you already are. It is crucial that you choose the right kind of dresses and style along with proper advice and you will surely make heads turn. Most importantly, you have to think of yourself like a princess and that is when you are going to feel good about yourself.

Long kurtis, maxi skirts, kaftans, evening gowns, and dresses like these might not be perfect for you and may even make your body frame look diminished. There are certain styles that you have to give up but you need to embrace different kinds of styles that will look perfect on your body. Given below is a list of the fashion blunders that you should avoid to bring out the Diva in you irrespective of your short height and slim body frame.

Oversized sweater

Oversized sweaters can be ideal for a casual day during the winter season or even for an evening party. However, it is suggested that you avoid oversized sweaters if you want your body frame to remain visible. Oversized sweaters are extremely baggy and if you are short, it looks as if you have wrapped numerous threads all around your body frame. You can wear sweaters that hug you snugly and define your beautiful body structure. If you love oversized sweaters, it is a good idea to pick those, which are going to cling to the body frame a little bit. Ensure that you are also putting on belts so that you can define the waistline and pull off the oversized sweater look.

Baggy bottoms

Since you have a small as well as sleek frame, it is suggested that you wear only those kinds of dresses, which will help in defining the frame and also fit you appropriately, so that your frame looks better. Therefore, it is suggested that you avoid shopping baggy bottoms that include palazzos, baggy jeans, long skirts that have frills, etc. Do not allow your legs to disappear, or you are going to look weird. If you still love baggy bottoms, make sure that you are teaming them up with boots and high heels to make yourself look better.

Large bags

There is no denying the fact that a large bag is capable of creating a beautiful aura and can also allow you to carry numerous essential things. However, if you are short, it is going to be better if you avoid investing in large bags. Large bags are going to take away all the attention from what you are wearing and it can even look as if the bag is carrying you. Large bags are ideal for people who have tall body frames. You can carry satchels and sling bags as they will help in defining your structure in the best possible manner.

Midi skirts, dresses, and gowns

Any dress that is covering your legs after your knees can be extremely fatal and not justify the personality that you have. A long dress is going to hide the legs and contribute to making you look shorter. Most of the fashion experts suggest that short girls should pick up dresses that have hemlines around the knees or are just touching the knees. However, if you still love midi skirts, you can use huge belts or purchase the skirts that have slits.

Boots of calf-length

The first trick that can help you to avoid looking petite is by exposing your legs as much as you can, as stated by If you love wearing boots of calf-length, you need to ensure that you are avoiding them because they are responsible for hiding a greater portion of your legs and will make you look short. Also, you need to know that calf-length boots can appear bigger than your size. It is a much better idea to go for ankle-length boots as they will not only help in exposing your legs but will also define the body frame appropriately.

Long tops, kurtis, and kaftans

As already mentioned before, you need to avoid outfits that have a huge length because they are capable of diminishing the body frame completely. You need to avoid kaftans, long tops, or kurtis because they will contribute to making your body look slimmer and can also make you look invisible at certain times. If you still love putting them on, you need to choose only those that can embrace your curves. Also, pair them up with heels to look perfect. Wear the perfect sized bra, and to know the ideal bra size, visit


Ladies have a thing for the turtleneck sweaters. However, the turtleneck sweater is ideal for only those ladies who have a longer body frame. You need to avoid sweaters that have turtlenecks until and unless you want to give the impression that you do not have a neck only.

Furry coats and jackets

Jackets and furry coats are mostly for tall girls. You need to choose short coats or blazers for highlighting your body structure. It is true that fur coats or jackets look divine and luring, but have to understand that heavy jackets and massive coats will not contribute to bringing out your best look. Choose coats, which will fit you ideally and will have the perfect flair at your waist, and define your structure in the process.

Round girls

Any petite girl has a petite shoe size. Round flats are responsible for making your feet look tiny. It is suggested that you wear footwear, which is pointed, as they will help in making your feet look long and will also be in perfect synchronization with the curves.

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Petite girls are cute and adorable, and if you are interested in looking gorgeous, you need to stay away from fashion blunders. Avoid the blunders that have been mentioned above to look pretty.

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