Top Tips for Getting the Perfect Bra

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A lovely romantic evening can have you squirming in your seat – all because your bra underwire starts digging under your breasts. A bra that does not fit well can be very frustrating and in some cases, cause painful experiences. Do you find yourself at a loss when shopping for your bra? Is buying a bra that fits well, such a complicated exercise? It need not be. Here are some tips to help you buy that perfect bra.

Find the Right Store

Find a store that stocks a large collection of bras – both in terms of styles and brands. You may find some brands fit you better than others. The other important factor for the right store is the presence of trained bra fitters/attendants. While you may know what you want, a trained eye can spot the problem areas in your fitting and help you choose the right bra.

Style Selection

You may wonder why you need different types of bras – after all, they are hidden under your top. Well, different types of tops require different types of bras. You obviously cannot wear a bra with straps under an off-shoulder gown, can you? A good thumb rule, as per experts at, is to have two black bras, one sports bra, two nude bras, one or two strapless bras and at least one without underwire. However, the type of bra would be dictated by your body/breast shape and the type of dresses that you wear.

Match your Bra to Your Body Type

All women are not created equal – and neither are all bras. Your body shape will dictate the type of bra that suits and fits best. If you are top-heavy, it would not work if you buy demi-cup bras – you need to get yourself bras that offer fuller coverage. A trained store attendant can help you select the right bra based on your body shape.

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Size up Correctly

An ill-fitting bra is an investment in frustration. Get the store attendant to take your measurements – both for the band and the cup. Move your arms and torso when trying on the bra. Does it feel tight when you bend? It may be the wrong size. In addition, you can use the bra calculator to size yourself and get the correct bra fit.


How many times have you had to change your top because the bra was visible under it? That can be a very frustrating experience. Carry a thin light-colored shirt/t-shirt with you when you go shopping for your bra. As you try the different types and colors of bras, put your top on and check the look. If it shows, you need to get yourself another one.

Is it Time to Get a New One?

Your body changes will determine if it’s time to get new bras. Hormonal changes, weight gain, and aging – every person goes through them – as your body changes its shape, your size and weight changes with it. If you find that the bra which was a perfect fit suddenly feels uncomfortable or is looking worn out, it may be time to get a new one. While there is no standard rule, a visit to the store once in six months would be a good idea.

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