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Pure cbd oil can be obtained from a number of online stores. It is important to note that cbd oils are regulated in most states where medical marijuana has been legalized. CBD does not in any way cause any high or other words psychoactive effect. This is the reason why there has been a lot of research and recommendation by various health organizations for the legalization of medical marijuana in different countries around the world. There have been a lot of products which have been manufactured from cbd. Some of these CBD products include CBD chewing gums, CBD oil, CBD body cream and lots more. So far, most of the countries have been looking into the decriminalization of cannabis for medical purposes while others have both decriminalized it and also made it legal for both recreational and medical purpose. Those that have made it legal have greatly helped to transform the lives and health of a lot of people. Without medical marijuana, there will not be a certain cure and medicine to a lot of ailments. It is as a result of the legalization of medical marijuana in these countries including some states in the United States that research has been carried out to ensure that more CBD products are manufactured. However, there are still some other countries that do not want to legalize marijuana either for medical or recreational purpose.

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Marijuana is a naturally occurring drug and as such, has been placed for further scientific research to know the positive side of the plant. The drug has been notoriously linked to a lot of negative and adverse effects. These effects which have been termed negative range from addiction, psychoactive effect which might be detrimental to the brain and memory. There have also been reports that excessive abuse of the plant is a well-known fact among the users. This has made a lot of countries term the drug a very dangerous one and as a result, outlawed the use of marijuana. Despite the efforts that have been made by a lot of governments across the world to totally eradicate the cultivation and use of marijuana, most people still derive joy from the regular use of this plant.

With the recent ongoing research, reports have shown that this plant can be used in a very positive way. When the plant was explored, it was discovered that there are two main components that it contains and they are known as the Cannabidoil (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While the latter produces a psychoactive effect which normally causes the high that the person gets from its use, the former does not have such psychoactive effect.

cbd oils


To better appreciate the existence of cannabis oil as well as the various legislations that govern these products made from CBD, we have to know the distinction that has been generally and legally accepted in understanding these various naturally occurring drugs. Both cannabis and hemp are all naturally occurring drugs but they differ in chemical components. Most people often confuse cannabis with hemp but there is usually a distinction in these two. However, it has to be noted that they all come from the naturally occurring plant known as marijuana as will be discussed shortly below.

Cannabis Sativa/ Marijuana – This is a naturally occurring drug that is indigenous to the central and upper part of Asia. There are three species that comes from this plan, and they are cannabis indica, cannabis sativa and cannabis ruderalis. However, you will not be surprised to see these species interchange, and this is because of the constant cross-breeding that has been going on by farmers.

Hemp a.k.a Industrial Hemp – This is the strain that comes from the cannabis sativa subspecies. They are usually used for commercial purposes and do not contain any cannabinoids although they can be used in the extraction of cannabinoids. They also contain a very low percent of THC (1%). This is the reason why it is legal in almost all countries of the world.

Products from CBD – cbd is also known as cannabis-oil and it is usually gotten from cannabinoid which is present in the hemp and cannabis sativa strains. These products do not contain any THC as they are reduced to a total of 0% during the extraction process. It is through this process that various cbd products including cbd oils are gotten. The cbd oil effects have been non-psychoactive so far from all the research that have been carried out.

Hemp – based products – These are products that are made from the industrial hemp and they are used by a lot of companies and industries in the production of the following: textiles, paper , biodegradable, clothing animal feed, plastics, construction material, insulation, biofuel and a host of others.

Cannabis-based products – Well, these are the products that most of the countries seem to tackle a lot. These kinds of products contain a very elevated amount of THC, and this can cause the psychoactive high that most people experience. A lot of countries have not yet legalized the use of these products, and this is because of the fact that they feel that there has not yet been any positive medical review or comment on them. Most researchers have made a lot of comments on the positive impact that the THC has in the body. Despite these comments, the THC has been greatly linked to a lot of negative health impediments, but maybe with time when more research will be carried out, the good side of THC can be better appreciated.


It is through the legalization of medical marijuana that the production of cbd oils takes place. It has to be noted that there are a lot of companies who have all sprouted up and started the production of cbd products, which includes the cbd oil. Below are the various countries where marijuana has been legalized for medical use.

Argentina, Austria, Belize, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Colombia, Estonia,Georgia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Ital, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Netherlands, Paraguay, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Japan and Turkey.


Hemp which is more common and easier to spot due to it very low THC level has been legalized in the following countries – Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Croatia, Chile, Estonia, Canada, Cyprus, Columbia, Finland, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Georgia, France,Greece, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Ital, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Paraguay, Poland, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Japan and Turkey.


In conclusion, it needs to be reiterated that CBD has no trace of THC in it and as a result, does not contain any psychoactive effect. This is actually good to note to the doubt and perception that most people have erroneously had with regards to the cbd products. Just as it has been explained above, there is a huge difference between hemp, cbd products and hemp products. Thus, there are a lot of countries in the world who have started to buy into the idea of legalizing cbd, and this is it has a lot of great benefits to render to the body. This is unlike the THC products that contains some psychoactive effect and can adversely lead to addiction and abuse. Presently in the United States, almost all the states have either legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use. There are just 3 states which are yet to legalize cannabis. Thus, it has been proposed by a lot of medical researchers that the cbd has a lot of potentials which if explored thoroughly, can be of great health benefit to the international community.

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