Top Reasons Why You Should Buy Yellowfin Tuna From The Maldives

Buy Yellowfin Tuna From The Maldives

The best seafood comes from certified yellowfin tuna suppliers who run their operations from the Maldives that is renowned for having one of the best fishing waters globally.

Tuna fish is one of the most sought after seafood globally, and this can be easily manifested in its ever-high demand from major markets. In the United States, Europe, and Australia, which are the primary markets for processed seafood, the supermarkets are constantly faced with the pressure of maintaining the right levels of stock. On the bright side, tuna is found in most of the world’s oceans primarily in the temperate and subtropical waters, making it one of the most popular saltwater fish. This essentially means that from the lots of tuna species that are available, the high demands can comfortable be met all year long. The only question that major distributors must have to factor in is where they source their tuna from considering a lot of countries export their catch.

At a time when the total imports of fish in major markets is close to a million tons, major players cannot ignore the value of how they receive the products sold to the end consumer. It is for this reason that lots of consideration must be given to leading yellowfin tuna suppliers from the Maldives who stand head and shoulders above their competitors. While it is well known that consuming fish is healthy, one thing that cannot be forgotten is that all the benefits are only as good as how far we take to account the ways that tuna is caught. The gifts of Mother Nature have to be properly managed for confidence in a healthier and better living, which is the focus of Maldives fishing. The top reasons why the number one choice for where to import fish from should be the Maldives is because of the following;

1. The use of the pole-and-line fishing method. Everywhere you turn to today there are concerns about sustainability, which is precisely what the Maldives has made their core strength. Instead of using methods that result in overfishing, the pole-and-line restricts fishermen to make a single catch at a time. All possibilities of overfishing are, therefore eliminated, and you can have the confidence that there are no negative impacts on the natural ecosystem. At a time when many countries have failed to take to account the importance of the future, this is a safe move that is value-based and takes to account the future generations. The method for catching the tuna fish is, as such, dolphin-safe as specified by the Earth Island Institute.

2. Fishing is the direct source of livelihood for much of the population. In the Maldives, fishing is a traditional practice that has been passed down from generation to generation with many of the local communities directly depending on it. Leading seafood suppliers work hand in hand with the local communities by providing a ready market for their catch. As such, purchases from the Maldivian suppliers leads to a trickle-down effect as it supports the local fishermen who rely on the sea to support their families. It is, therefore, a win-win situation as on the one hand, the fishing is done with consideration for the future by using the pole-and-line method and the exports directly support the local fishermen.

3. The Maldives has one of the richest underwater lives. The Maldives has been rightfully described as a tropical gem that is made better by the fact that it has the warmest ocean of the earth. Under the crystal clear waters of the tiny nation are lots of coral islands that provide the perfect breeding ground for lots of aquatic life. It is for this reason that lots of other seafood apart from tuna are exported from the region as it is home to over 2,000 species of fish. The richness of the region is why it attracts lots of tourists who come to explore the one-of-a-kind sea life in the region.

4. Certification of the suppliers to make exports to all major markets. Leading yellowfin tuna suppliers enjoy certifications to reach out to all major markets, which is an extra plus for all clients. The value of restricting purchases to certified and quality assured suppliers is the assurance that the products meet the highest standards expected in the food industry. Among the certification that should be given priority are ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System, Good Manufacturing Processes, and Friend of the Sea Certification.

The sustainability and great value that fishing has in the Maldives make it a venture that is jealously protected. The odds are raised when it comes to yellowfin tuna, which is one of the most overfished tuna species globally but is a different story in the country. There is, therefore, no doubt that the most practical way to have the best of processed, packaged, or canned tuna is to settle for top-rated yellowfin tuna suppliers from the Maldives.

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