How to deal with the concern over the invasion of addiction among the children?

addiction of children

The word ‘addiction’ has made a headway into the drawing-room of almost every household and It seemed to have intruded into the bedroom too as it makes parents spend sleepless nights over the anxiety and concern about how to keep the demon of addiction far from the reach of their wards. The menace of addiction is waiting outside of our homes, schools, parks and every possible place where our child can be found and it is invisible and thus, cannot be detected with any advanced surveillance system of the world. It spreads exactly the same way a contagious disease does.

Slowly and silently, the infection spreads its wires not letting anyone know the source of contamination. It holds true for addiction as well since you would not be able to identify the possible ways of how it will sneak into and eventually overcome your child. Addiction may get peddled into the system of your child through his best friend whom he shares his meal within the school. Therefore, there is no way to build a firewall around your child which addiction can not barge into. But in turn, you can save your child from falling prey to the honey bait of drug and substance abuse.

The best way to start the journey of finding a solution to addiction is to ask yourself why an innocent child gets drowned in the bottomless abyss of addiction. When our question gets answered, the battle against addiction is half won.

Depression born out of Loneliness

A child finds a companion in narcotic substances because there is hardly anyone around him whom he can confide to and share his feelings and concern with. In the wake of emergence of nuclear families, the extended family structure has been split into smaller bits and pieces, whereby a child is nowadays deprived of the fun and excitement of living a blissful life with grandparents around them telling them stories of a knight in the armor or an unsung mythological hero protecting a princess in distress. No longer can our children live with the herd of cousin brothers and sisters whom they can play around and do homework collaboratively. Today, our children are living only with their working parents who are so busy catering to their professional commitments and living up to the expectation of their boss at the office that they hardly can manage to spend quality time with their wards. As a result, the children today find themselves in feet of acute isolation only with their gizmos and gadgets scattered around. They are left with no one, whom they can talk to and share what is going on in their mind. This is the ideal situation for the demon of addiction to knock the door, walk into the personal space of your child to win them over and take them away from you forever when you are probably working on your next corporate presentation to impress your boss.

Anxiety over the fear of losing out in the competition

The merciless competitive world outside our sweet home makes the life of our children pretty miserable. Competition is silently stealing away the joy of growing up and it also deprives a child of its unique capabilities and characteristic traits. As everyone is running together in the same rat race towards the same direction, following the same path driven by the same quest to stay ahead of others, there is hardly any space left for anyone to do something differently or be someone distinctively different. The child may feel ghastly exhausted by the monotony of doing the same repetitive tasks. The pressure of the parental expectations also adds to the anguish of the children making the situation worse. Parents expect their children to excel at everything that they attempt and they cannot accept anything even a little less than the best. Children often succumb to the constant comparison coupled with being unable to come to terms with the parental pressure. Being apprehensive about the consequences of not being able to be true to the parent’s aspirations, the child often starts suffering from fear of failure which eventually drives them into a denial mode and they end up withdrawing himself from everything they were previously engaged with. The situation gets more complicated when they lock themselves up in their private space, barred completely from the world outside and anxiety is bound to creep into. When anxiety is around the corner, can addiction be far off?

Addiction has many faces as well. It has also seen a tectonic shift from classical form to the most innovative methods manifested in a spurt of candies, laced with narcotics substance or flavored soft drinks smeared with drugs in soluble powder form designed, especially for children to be circulated outside of schools and parks.

The harmful effects of smoking

Smoking happens to be the most common form of addiction as it lies within the reach and capacity of a child. Cigarettes are so widespread that any child can easily access it almost anywhere. They can even borrow some from his friends at school. Consequently, it is pretty difficult for the parents as well to stop a child from being prone to the habit of smoking. As smoking is reasonably cheaper than any other form of addiction, children from middle-class families are fast catching up with the trend. Smoking in colleges has almost climbed up to the magnitude of a lifestyle statement, which is being perceived as something very magnetic and cool.

The concept of e-cigarette has now emerged to give a boost of innovation to the traditional way of smoking. It is a battery led device which emits vapor of non-nicotine substance and hence, popularly believed to be less harmful than smoking. The modus operandi of the classical form of smoking has now been revolutionized with the idea of a vape pod system. There are websites available worldwide where you can go and learn how does a vape pod work. Vapeciga is said to be the most popular website from where you can purchase devices or peripheral used in vaping. It also provides customized suggestion and brand reviews to help an individual make a successful transition to vaping from smoking.

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