6 Summer Bugs and How to Remove Them from the Indoors

6 Summer Bugs and How to Remove Them from the Indoors

Bugs, they’re everywhere! Whether you’re having a summer picnic in the park or a family beach day, bugs and insects are bound to crawl over to your summer party. Ants, black flies, and cockroaches are some of the more common insects we are familiar with. While they do plenty for our ecosystem, sometimes these insects are unwanted, especially in our homes.

A traditional way of removing bugs from inside your home is store-bought pest control and insect repellent products. Today, people are more aware of the dangers associated with spraying these brand name products in their homes. In fact, many pest control products contain toxic chemicals that are unsafe for all living things including pets and humans. This has led a homemade insect repellent movement that effectively removes unwanted bugs while keeping your family safe. Explore eight different natural recipes below.


Ants are easily attracted to the indoors when ripe fruit and fruit product spills are sitting on your kitchen countertops. You’re pretty much asking for an ant family to come feast in your kitchen if you don’t keep your countertops clean. While these black insects are harmless, not many people enjoy the sight of ants mingling in their fruit bowls.

Ant removal can be easier than you thought. Avoid the toxic sprays and make your own peppermint bug spray for ants. Ants are averse to peppermint, so spraying this mixture on countertops can discourage ants from entering your home. In a spray bottle, shake together half a cup of witch hazel, ten drops of peppermint essential oil, and water. Now you have a bug repellent that safe to spray near food and on kitchen tables.

Bed Bugs

The only thing you should be counting in bed is sheep, not bed bugs. These rapid breeding critters are one of the least desirable household insects because they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Some people believe simply removing a mattress from the infested space: however, bed bugs can easily jump from a mattress to another piece of furniture.

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Purchasing diatomaceous earth at a local home improvement store is a natural a trustworthy way to remove bed bugs from the indoors. Simply spring this earth sand product on window sills, drawers, and electrical outlets. The powder will coat, dry up and kill the bed bugs. It’s also important to remove infested furniture and wash all sheets, blankets and furniture covers. Lastly, dry at 120 degrees Fahrenheit because this will kill any lingering bed bugs.

Black Flies

When you think of the word “fly”, what do you picture? Arguably, most people picture the classic black, noisy insect that comes flying through open windows during summer. Black flies are lured towards furry pets and garbage cans. Some people choose to kill black flies with a fly swatter, it can take days to successfully swat a speedy black fly.

A natural way to trap black flies in your home is crafting a sugar bottle trap. Cut a plastic water bottle in half and fill the bottom half with water and three tablespoons of sugar. Then, place the top half upside down with a hole punched in the cap. The sugar attracts the flies into the trap and leaves them unable to fly out. Once the black flies are removed, consider keeping a basil plant on a kitchen window sill. This can prevent black flies from entering a household because they are averse to basil scents.

Dust Mites

Dust mites thrive in humidity and hot temperatures, so many people become concerned about these pests in the spring and summer seasons. A key indicator you may have dust mites is an increase in allergies. Hidden in living room furniture, dust mites can disrupt your immune system which can make enjoying family game night difficult.

Creating your own DIY eucalyptus bug spray can easily kill lurking dust mites. In a spray bottle, add a few drops of dish soap, 30 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and water. This spray is safe to spray on furniture and will kill any mites. It’s crucial you dilute the eucalyptus oil and keep your pets from areas with freshly sprayed areas. If you are worried about the effects this natural mix has on furry friends, use a high-temperature steam cleaner to suck them out of fabric.

Fruit Flies

Similarly to ants, fruit flies are regularly found in households near a ripe fruit. These flies can be more difficult to remove because they fly. Stop swatting fruit flies with your hands and use a natural, effective method for trapping these irritating insects.

One way to naturally tap fruit flies is a bowl of apple cider vinegar. Float a small bowl with water and three drops of dish soap in a large bowl of apple cider vinegar. Place this trap near the infestation or fruit bowl and watch it naturally attract and trap the flies. Make sure to replace the trap every few days and replenish the soap. Additionally, an alternative to this method is a fruit and cone trap.

Pantry Moths

Another household insect that people find in food is pantry moths. As their name implies, these moths are commonly found in kitchen pantries, more specifically fours and pancake mixes. Pantry moths bury themselves in food products they can hide in which lead many people to discover their home invaders at the last minute.

A natural way to avoid pantry moths is herb sachets. Pantry moths are averse to lavender and bay leaves, so placing several stems of dried lavender and bay leaves in mesh bag can prevent pantry moths. Tie the bags with ribbon and hang them in every level of your pantry. Removing pantry moths involves abandoning all food products, vacuuming the cupboard and wiping down all surfaces with vinegar.

As we recently entered the second half of summer, bugs are thriving in households more than ever. Naturally protecting your household from uninvited insects, bugs and critters can be tremendously safer and equally effective as name brand insect repellent products.

TurboTenant shares over eight different tricks to naturally removing household bugs in an infographic. The infographic also includes some insects that didn’t cover such as cockroaches and boxelder bugs. Choose a homemade spray or natural product to keep your kids and pets safe. Let’s end the summer bug-free!

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