Get That Cash: How to Sell Your Home for More Money

how to sell your home for more money

According to the CNBC, the median home price rose by 4.7% in December 2018. This stat proves that there is room for a more significant rise, and you can actually make more cash. All you need to know is how to sell your home for more money.

How much are you planning to sell your home for? Everyone wants big bucks for their property and there is a lot do to get more money during a home sale. The game is in your hands, and it’s only you who can play it best.

Read on to learn more!

Tips and Tricks on How to Sell Your Home for More Money

Looking for the best deal for your home? This is the ultimate guide to making a big sale. Read on!

1. List at the Right Time

You have to be timely to make a reasonable sale. The property listing is all about timing, and you should get it right. Everything has its season, and so does the real estate industry.

Listing during the winter or autumn is unlikely to fetch you reasonable prices. During these seasons, there is always low real estate activity and hardly any demand.

Wait until the summer or spring when there is high demand and activity. You are likely to get better quotes and more prospective clients. This is the best time to fetch more money because sellers have more bargaining power.

2. Do Some Renovations That Add Value

Homeowners have always used this trick to get more in terms of profits. Some renovations increase the value of the home instantly. Besides, they are cheap, manageable, and have an immediate impact.

Kitchen, bathroom, flooring, and lighting renovations can fundamentally increase property value. Many homebuyers are always quick to check the details of these essential elements. Since they make the most when it comes to the interior, renovate them.

Renovating the bathroom and kitchen is very cheap and won’t cost a lot. These renovations are just some of the ways of how to get your house ready to sell.

3. Use a Real Estate Agent

Are you looking to link up with top property buyers? Firstly, real estate agents are paid commissions on the property sold. This means that the higher price they sell your home for, the more money they get.

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Secondly, they have broader access to the market and can link you up with the best homebuyers. These two are the most important benefits of working with agents.

Are you are looking on how to sell your home for more money but your bargaining skills are below par? A real estate agent will advise you on the best tactics to sell your property at a higher price.

4. Boost Your Curb Appeal

Many people make judgments based on what they see. This is why you have to make the home as appealing as possible. Amuse all potential buyers with a sleek exterior design in a way they won’t feel any pinch.

The exterior appearance has a significant effect on the minds of potential buyers. You can turn this to your favor by creating a better, likable exterior. From the painting to the lighting, it should be mesmerizing and likable.

5. Touch Up the Landscape

What meets the eye of potential buyers and agents as far as the gate of your home? Is the landscape of your home the most amazing? Well-landscaped homes sell at a higher rate than the poorly done ones.

A well-maintained compound adds more value to your property. If you want to fetch more dough, make sure the lawn is well cut and maintained. Also, keep a tidy and clean patio to the appeal to potential buyers.

A poorly-landscaped home is a complete turnoff and can chase away prospective buyers. As much as the appeal to clients is good, the returns will always be better.

6. Remove the Clutter of The Home

What is the essence of keeping unnecessary filth in the home? Keeping the home stuffy not only makes it unpleasant but also uncomfortable. Buyers will judge it on how it appears, and if it’s untidy, you’ll get low offers only.

One thing with homebuyers is that they judge everything on the first impression. Unmade beds, scattered toys, unemptied bins, and food remains make potential buyers shy away from it. Houses free of clutter look bigger and more attractive.

If possible, clear everything from the house and perform a thorough cleaning. It will look better, bigger, and the air will be fresher.

7. Install Smart Technology

Adding some posh will only make it more expensive and attractive. Smart homes are trendy and many homebuyers, especially who are upgrading, look up to them. Spend some money but ensure your home gets better and more likable.

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Home smart technologies are cheap but make an immense effect on the total price. You only need a few dollars to raise the value of the home to greater heights. Some smart technologies include:

  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Smart doors
  • Heat controllers
  • Foyer lights
  • Security Installations

All these are cheap, state-of-the-art technologies that with give you more money. This is a smart selling proposition bearing in mind the impact it has on the overall price.

8. Price Your Home Properly

Have you put the correct price tag? How you play with the price of your home determines whether or not you are going to sell it. Therefore, it is essential to research on market proponents before setting a price.

As you are looking at how to sell your home for more money, make sure the price on the higher end. This will give a chance for bargaining. Even when negotiating, the deal won’t go out of your favor.

To get numbers right, hire a property valuator to assist you. This way, you will set the correct prices hence opening way for appropriate deals. Buyers like negotiable prices and you should allow for some flexibility.

9. Keep the Maintenance Up-to-Date

Day-to-day activities can let your routine maintenance slide. However, this shouldn’t hinder you from making money on your property. If you want to sell it at higher prices, make sure it’s thoroughly maintained and taken care of.

From the HVAC to the pest condition, make sure everything is in order. You can hire home inspectors to check your property regularly. Many sellers get raw deals because there is always a long list of neglected details on the inspection list.

The Bottom Line on Selling Your House

Selling homes for better deals is something everyone needs. It is possible to get the best out of your property when you keep things right.

These are some tips on how to sell your home for more money. As you can see, they are inexpensive and straightforward ways that you can manage. If you implement these tips rightly, there is every chance you’ll increase the sale amount.

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