Five Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

Five Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

Before we discuss the trends in marketing that you can follow to let your startup afloat to a new horizon, I think it is important that you know, first, the significance of this field and, also, the benefits that one enjoys once one brings this side to their startup.

Marketing, as the term suggests, is that field that helps you bring your product or service to the public. Let’s face it. Your product cannot do anything without a credible audience. You have the product and you need buyers to sell those products to. Both the sides are equally in need of the other. This is how the balance is created between the two. But this balance may be shaken when one of the sides is not performing its best. Sometimes it is the buyers; sometimes it is the manufacturers. There are multiple factors upon which this result depends. If the socio-economic situation of your country is good, there will be more people interested in buying your product if your product is more of a luxury than a necessity; but if the socio-economic situation of your country is not so great, there are chances that very few people would buy your product. Then there comes another side that involves your business. If the product you are manufacturing is not up to the mark, does not show the results as promised by you in the advertisement or the details to it, you may not be able to strengthen your audience base on the basis of that. Why? The answer is simple. Your target audience is unsatisfied. The satisfaction of your audience is extremely important. But before all this to get you worried, there are many other things that should come in your notice if you are looking for valuable marketing techniques. For example, before the point comes when you have to worry about dissatisfying your audience, you need to make sure they are attracted to buy your product. Not always do you get an audience by a word of mouth or reviews from other people. You have to do something on your end in order to “build” an audience. You need a customer base that takes interest in coming back to you once they have bought and experienced your service. This means that not only do you have to worry about having a good customer base that stays with you for a long time, which means that you have to take under your keen notice the quality of your service, but you also have to worry about the methods with which you lure your target audience to your product. This is where marketing plays a good role in bringing the audience to your door. It also makes sure that you have a specific audience who will be interested in buying your product.

Marketing uses multiple techniques to make sure there are specific drawers where a product fits. It makes sure that your product doesn’t get spammed by the public who are only there to waste your and their time. With technological advancement, this age has created good space for the field of marketing to advertise the services. This is what this article will be about.

In this section of the article, we will write down some specific techniques and trends that can be followed by a marketing expert:

  • Use Live Streaming

There is nothing more professional than having direct contact with your audience in order to be able to sell your product or service. The influencing and convincing should be as direct as can be so that your customer is satisfied on a personal level.

Live streaming is that feature that connects you to not just one person but a huge public at one time. You get this feature on multiple social media forums. If we speak of Instagram, you have it there as well. About 55% of the population uses the internet every day. This means that you have 55% of the public available to you on social media just waiting to be reached out. You can have Q/A section in the Live Streaming. You can also have people on discussion with each other in the chatbox.   

  • Add latest Features like Voice-search

One of the latest features you can have in your marketing strategy is adding a voice-search quality to the SEO. This way people would find more ease in searching for the item that they are looking for.

People love technology. Every time there is an upgrade in any object of technology, people prefer making use of it. When Siri came to the iPhone, people went crazy after this feature because it helped them in multiple situations. If they are traveling, they don’t have to use both of their hands to type a text. They can simply dictate, order or speak to their phones that will abide by their commands.

  • Gather Influencers

Another great technique that can be employed by the marketing agents is approaching influencers of a specific social media forum to promote their product. They can either send the product as a gift and request the influencer to give a review on their account. This way, people who are following them would get to learn about your product and given their trust and interest in the influencer, no matter how big the following of this influencer is, your product still is sent across to more places.

The question is: what kind of influencers are you approaching? Make sure the influencers belong to the diverse areas so that you can gather an audience for multiple fields.

  • Add Targeting

To boost your SEO ratings, you should consider going for local add targeting. There is a good percentage of people who search and research over your item through online means than offline. What you need for this matter is a working internet. Local Cable Deals may help you decide a good deal that may fulfill your internet needs. 

  • Go back to Traditional Marketing        

Never hesitate going back to the traditional methods of marketing when given the chance. People still follow and walk the old footsteps for their own ease and convenience. Your job is to look after every person. Digital marketing may be the latest version of marketing. Traditional marketing is still not out yet. You can still advertise your services on billboards.

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