New to Vaping? These Simple Tips Will Have You Puffing Like a Pro…

New to Vaping? These Simple Tips Will Have You Puffing Like a Pro...

Late to the vaping party? Don’t worry… We won’t hold it against you.

You’re trailing nearly 10 million people who have picked up vaping already. And we’re willing to bet that if you ask those people how much they like it, they’d tell you that they absolutely love getting a few puffs in after a stressful day of work or during a fun weekend with friends.

Before you run out and start getting in on the vaping action, it’s important that you comprehend a few simple vape tips that’ll make your time as a beginner a whole lot shorter vape shop near me.

Below, we go over a handful of the most important vaping pointers that are worth taking note of.

1. Buy a Quality Kit

A lot of beginning vape enthusiasts start on their journey by picking up a vape starter kit. That’s a sound idea that we approve of wholeheartedly.

Here’s the thing though… Not all vape kits are created equal. Some that seem like a great value because of their low price often end up being rip-offs due to the fact that they’re cheaply made and not meant to last even a year.

Our recommendation is to splurge a little bit when you’re picking up a kit. Those extra few bucks will translate into a much better and longer lasting smoking experience.

2. Read the Instructions

We all know what most people do with instructions the second that they pull them out of the box. They grip them in their hand and promptly drop them in a recycling bin.

Guess what? You’d serve yourself much better if you actually took the time to read what your instructions have to say.

Vapes can be a lot trickier than cigarettes. They require care, working knowledge of coils, battery functionality, you have to learn about atomizers and more.

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All of that information can be concisely passed onto you just by taking a moment to read your packaged instructions… So do it.

3. Pay Close Attention to Your eJuice

One of the most common things that you’re going to do as a new vape owner is buy eJuice (or e-liquid, or vape juice or whatever else you want to call it). It can be pretty exciting hopping online and going through all of your options.

What you have to keep in mind as you’re shopping though is that a lot of eJuice that’s on the market is just plain garbage. And we’re not talking garbage as in it doesn’t taste good. We’re talking garbage as in it’s garbage for your body.

eJuice is largely unregulated and if you pick up a batch from a bad manufacturer, you may end up puffing a bunch of tar and other undesirable chemicals.

Avoid that fate by spending a little more on an eJuice maker that’s well reviewed.

4. Get Experimental with Flavors

We get that you love Lucky Charms. That doesn’t mean that every time you pick up eJuice you need to go with the same, leprechaun-inspired flavor.

There are literally millions of juice flavors out there and tens of millions if you consider competing manufacturers making their own renditions of common favorites.

Get creative and experiment with your vape flavors. Trust us when we say that you’ll end up stumbling onto a bunch of stuff that you absolutely love.

5. Shake Before Use

This one is sort of a no-brainer vape tips suggestion but you’d be surprised by how many people starting out in vaping forget to do this and wonder why their smoke tastes horrible.

Before you pour your eJuice into your vape’s chamber, give your bottle a good shake. That’ll get everything mixed up and will help to ensure the best possible smoking experience.

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6. Clean Your Juice Chamber Between Uses

The area where you pour your eJuice into your vape inventively starts to wreak of whatever flavor you use the most. When you take that tainted chamber and try pouring another flavor over it, you end up getting this horrific, mixed smoke flavor that’ll put you off of vaping, fast.

Avoid that by giving your chamber a good cleaning when you’re switching up flavors.

Some people even have multiple chambers that they dedicate to certain flavors so no two flavors ever have to cross-contaminate the same space.

7. Opt for Two Batteries

There’s nothing worse than wanting to vape only to find that you’re out of battery. That’s why so many people keep a spare battery on a charger at all times.

With a spare battery, when your primary battery dies, you can swap it out.

By leveraging this strategy, you’ll literally never be without a battery pack that’s ready to go.

8. Follow the Law

Alright, here’s a vape tips favorite that you really need to listen to…

If there are local ordinances where you live surrounding vaping, follow them. Don’t act entitled and just do whatever you want.

It’s people that think they’re above the law that ruin vaping for everyone else. They do this by giving communities the fuel that they need to dislike vaping and pass more restrictive laws against it.

Be mindful that not everybody wants to partake in your vaping experience and you’re going to help make the world a much more vape-friendly place for years to come.

Wrapping Up Simple Vape Tips That Will Have You Puffing Like a Pro

Interested in taking your status as a newbie vaper and upgrading to becoming a pro? Follow our vape tips above and you’ll be well on your way.

Vaping is a ton of fun and with the help of our advice, we have no doubt that you’ll get the most out of your time enjoying this hobby.

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