15 Key Road Trip Essentials When Traveling Cross Country

15 Key Road Trip Essentials When Traveling Cross Country

Up to 32 percent of Americans have never had to buy any travel luggage before.

A shocking number of Americans have never left their home state. And yet, many people love the experience of traveling across the country in a trailer.

If you’re making your way Coast to Coast, then you’re going to need to have your road trip essentials with you.

You don’t want to be caught out on the open road without your road trip must-haves. Let’s find out the 15 key road trip necessities.

1. Bottles of Water

It can be thirsty work driving across the country. Make sure you’ve always got plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

2. First Aid Kit

You should always be prepared for the worst. Take your first aid kit with you on your next road trip.

3. Blanket

If you’re planning on sleeping in your trailer, Airstream dealers will tell you that you need to have a blanket at night to keep you warm.

4. Travel Notebook

You’ve got to record your amazing memories of your road trip. Where better to note down observations and experiences that a travel notebook.

5. Camera

Your friends and family back home are going to want to follow your experiences on Instagram. Make sure you treat them to some beautiful snaps of your journey.

6. Snacks

You’ve got to keep your blood sugar up on those long drives. You should definitely pack some trail mix, fruit and cookies to keep you going.

7. Flashlight

You never know when you’re going to find yourself in the dark. You should pack your trusty flashlight with you to illuminate your situation.

8. Umbrella

If you’re heading across the country you’re going to encounter all sorts of weather. Be prepared for the rainy season up ahead with an umbrella.

9. Sunscreen

Most Americans don’t use sunscreen when they’re traveling. You’ve got no idea how the UV sun rays are causing damage to your skin. Always protect yourself with sunscreen.

10. Bug Spray

On the open road, you’re probably going to encounter some creatures that bite. It’s best to protect yourself with bug spray.

11. Air Freshener

Spending hours and hours in your vehicle can create quite a stinky atmosphere. You should keep your trailer fresh with an air freshener.

12. Wet Wipes

Just trust us.

13. Phone Charger

You’ll be in trouble without it.

14. Road Atlas

You never know when your GPS is going to let you down. But, your road atlas may come in handy when you’re in an emergency.

15. Music

You should prepare an awesome playlist before you set off on your travels. There are few things more enjoyable than singing on the road.

Road Trip Essentials

Now you’ve got your road trip essentials taken care of. You can set off on your big adventure across the country.

You don’t have to worry about whether you’ve got everything if you followed our tips. You can just enjoy the journey.

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