The Anatomy of the Modern Car

The Anatomy of the Modern Car

The modern car functions with its myriad parts, accessories, and screws. What makes it run, move, glide, or even drift? Its power lies under the hood or the bonnet as the British would call this metal cover.

But, the vehicle can’t tread on the ground without the wheels; neither is it safe to drive without side mirrors for blind spots. Moreover, headlights and taillights prevent crashes and collisions. 

A look at the car interior reveals its major components like the steering wheel, speedometer, and brake pedal. The seatbelts and airbags have worked in tandem to protect the driver and the passengers from injuries and save lives. 

Automotive accessories serve many uses, enhancing and boosting performance, appearance, and safety of the vehicle. The seat covers, floor mats, and infotainment systems offer functionality inside the car, while fender flares and windshield wipers reinforce the protection of the vehicle’s body and improve visibility, respectively.

Thirty thousand (30,000) parts and more, and you have the car as a whole. Get yourself acquainted or reacquainted with your daily companion to work or wherever so you can take care of it better, and make sure it runs a thousand miles more.

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