Tips For A Maui Hawaii Camping Trip

Tips For A Maui Hawaii Camping Trip

When people think about vacationing in Maui, they don’t always imagine a camping trip. However, Maui can be an excellent place to vacation. Keep these tips in mind if you’re currently considering a Maui Hawaii camping trip.

Bring Extra Sunscreen And Water

You should always bring sunscreen and water with you when you go camping, but you should take particular care to stock up when you’re in Maui. In fact, the general recommendation is that you should bring more sunscreen and water than you think you need.

Because Hawaii is closer to the equator than a lot of other popular camping destinations, the sun’s rays can really take a toll. If you don’t have the protection that you need, you could wind up suffering the consequences of that.

Don’t Drink Any Untreated Water

If you do need extra water while you’re camping, you might be tempted to grab a drink from one of the streams, lakes, and rivers in the area. While this water might be better suited to drinking than the water in the ocean, you still shouldn’t take a sip unless the water has been treated.

A lot of this water is teeming with bacteria and drinking the water could be very harmful to yourself. If you don’t know how to treat water while camping, then you’ll want to take extra care so that you won’t be tempted to drink from a stream.

Pack Warm Clothing

A lot of people assume that they don’t need to bring warm clothing or blankets with them when they’re camping in an area like Maui. It’s true that you probably won’t want to grab a jacket during the day. However, temperatures can be quite chilly at night, particularly if you’re in an area with higher elevations.

You should make sure that you have a way to stay warm when things cool off at night. If you’re not prepared for these steep drops in temperature, you might wind up having to leave your tent behind to warm up after night falls.

Make Sure You Obtain The Proper Permits

You can’t just pitch a tent anywhere in Maui. Before you can go camping, you’ll need to secure the right permits. You can apply for a permit in the right offices during business hours on Monday and Friday. You don’t necessarily have to complete a permit application in person; you can get most permits online as well.

If you don’t secure a permit before you go camping, you might wind up having to pack up and leave. You can make things easier for yourself by staying at one of the more popular campgrounds in Maui. If you pitch your tent here, everything will be taken care of for you. There are several tour guide companies specializing in camping, rentals.

All these tips will help you to plan out the perfect Maui Hawaii camping trip. Maui is an amazing camping destination, and it’s an especially appealing place if you want to go camping. If you follow the advice above, you’ll be able to have a unique and memorable camping experience while you’re in Hawaii.

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