Signs of roof damage you should never ignore

Signs of roof damage you should never ignore

It’s only slim 10% of homeowners who pay complete attention to every aspect of their home repair and maintenance recurrently. And this also includes the roof! Most often than not, some homeowners take their roof repair and maintenance for granted. They feel that the roof is established sturdy and so will have no defects over a lifetime. Or they will look into the matter only when there’s a significant crack or leak. It is a very misleading mindset that one can have, and it begs for change. The sooner, the better!

Roofs like any other part of the house need proper care and attention, and else it will wear off in no time! It is important to realize, that a roof is the most visible part of your house, next to the house paint or garden area. Hence, it is exposed to forms of climatic extremes and other external conditions. It is essential that you appoint an ace roofing contractor for any roof repair and replacement that you need. To know more on this, you can get in touch with Salt Lake roofers and get them to address your roofing queries and issues.

Sometimes, homeowners are negligent towards the apparent signs that signal roof damage. Some of the interpretive signs are listed below:

     1. Don’t overlook absent, cracked and curled shingles

All these signs are indications that your shingles are

     2. Wet, dirt and dark shingles

Are the shingles trapping in moisture? If yes, then they are not being true to their function and deserves immediate attention, from an expert roofing contractor. You need to know that the wet shingle isn’t necessarily the exact condition that you should prolong for a long duration. Water usually runs downhill, and so it’s time to get a complete roof inspection done.

     3. You have several shingle granules in the gutter

The asphalt and composite shingles usually shed the granules the moment it starts to wear out. Also, these granules most of the time find their way to the gutters. The granules resemble black and coarse sand. So, if you find that the granules are in the gutter, make no delay and dial the number of your local roofing contractor. Know that the situation needs serious attention.

     4. Massive wear and tear close to the roof openings and objects

It is the vents, chimneys, pipes and many other objects that pass through the roof in certain places, and there are scopes for massive deterioration. These defects can come up in the initial phases. However, you need to keep a tab on how the degeneration progresses. As the negative impacts don’t just occur in these areas only. From here it spreads to many other areas as well. And if you happen to notice that, you need to get in touch with a roofing company at the earliest for repair or replacement.

     5. Peeling or the blistering of the external paint layer

Is your attic ventilated horribly? If yes, then it can result in the development of inversed humidity and moisture to develop close to the roofline. And this can result in the paint to get blistered and peel off completely. It could also be a subtle sign that the gutter system is completely failing. Hence, addressing it at the earliest is a smart call.

     6. Staining on the interior walls and ceilings

The stains of discoloration or water stains on the ceilings and walls can occur from multiple reasons. However, sometimes it could be the underlayment of the roof that can lead to excess moisture development in your house. And this can lead to stains. The only way you can address and solve this issue is through a complete roof replacement.

     7. Your attic develops leaks post a rainstorm

Just in case rain enters your entire attic, it can be the issue of replacing the flashing! But sometimes, the leading cause for this can be the porous underlayment. And it is precisely here that you will require a complete roof replacement.

     8. A sagging roof deck

When you come across the rafters and decking in the attic are starting to sag downwards, it calls for immediate attention. Usually, they are supposed to stay straight. In case they are sagging it is because of the moisture leaks. And just in case it gets localized, you can’t avert a total roof replacement. So, get a roofing contractor to inspect the entire scenario thoroughly.

     9. External light in your attic

It might not appear to be a severe condition, but in reality, it is. The presence of visible light in the attic is something to watch out for. Do you see light streams in the attic entering? If yes, then it is essential to know that water is capable of invading the attic via the same channels and openings. And as you inspect this, also keep an eye on the shingles to check if that needs replacing as well. You can address the roof replacement holistically then.

     10. If you are incurring an increased energy bill

Do you see a sudden rise in air-conditioning air? Or have the heating expenses risen up? If yes, there are chances that warm and cold air can be leaking from the roof. Once you address the ventilation concerns in the attic, all the imbalanced cooling and heating problems and its allied expenses will drop down. Hence, it is essential to get a roofing contractor to work and get the correct solution so that there is no confusion.

One of the most important aspects to remember when you are dealing with roof replacement is the aspect of roof age. With age, roofs will loosen its grip. Hence, even if you don’t notice some major issues and you know that the roof is aging, it’s a quick call to get a necessary repair and maintenance work done. That way you can save unwanted dangers and expenses. 

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