Moving to Redlands? Best Neighborhoods in Redlands, CA

Moving to Redlands? Best Neighborhoods in Redlands, CA

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Redlands is a mid-sized city in the state of California with an estimated population of about 71554 people. With 10 most notable constituent neighbourhoods, this city ranks as the 116th largest area in the state of California.

Unlike most cities in America, Redlands is not predominantly white or blue-collar. Rather, Redlands has a mix of both white and blue-collar occupations.

Overall, this city has many professionals, office workers, salespersons, and many other service providers. If you are considering moving to Redlands, here is a list of the best neighbourhoods in Redlands, CA.

Redlands Mesa

Redlands Mesa is a 500-acre neighbourhood and for a long time, it has been the top choice for most high-end custom homebuilders. About a third of the Redlands Mesa is made up of an international-class golf course.

Most of the homes form a ring around the Redlands Golf course while the backdrop is the famous Colorado National Monument. The views are the reason most people prefer Redlands Mesa.

The golf course is open to everyone, but membership gives you even more access to amenities like the clubhouse, practice facilities, and the swimming pools.

If you enjoying biking, the Redlands Mesa has a 63.4 miles loop that covers most of the neighbourhood, which gives you the opportunity to interact with the locals.

Tiara Rado

This neighbourhood is the place to be if you are looking for a setup that gives you a perfect view of the Colorado National Monument. Tiara Rado comprises town and single-family homes built in the 70s, 90s up until the year 2000.

Moving to Redlands? Best Neighborhoods in Redlands, CA

Each home has a generous lot size, with a spacious floor plan covering more than 3000 square feet. Although prices can be as high as $450000, homes come in many different styles that give you an excellent view of your surroundings.

There are many fun things to do in Tiara Rado like golfing. Plus, there is ample space for those who love road and mountain biking.

Independence Ranch

Independence Ranch is made up of custom homes, most being as old as 29 years, while the rest are less than 10 years old. Most homes have come up in the recent past and some cost as much as $500000. However, the lot sizes are very generous.

Independent Ranch features immaculate landscaping, which is why it is considered a premier neighbourhood. New homes built in 2018 brought in youth and style.

Residents enjoy many activities like hog hunting, but there are trails for bikers too if you are an outdoors person who loves seeing the world.

The Ridges

The Ridge has is one of the few places in the Redlands with a large community. Currently, the population stands at 1300 people.  From the Ridge, you have easy access to the Grand Junction downtown.

The community consists of a variety of neighbourhoods, older than a decade. The Ridge is mostly hilly and the homes are uniquely built, so each home a unique look and style. Prices vary between $250000 and $600000.

The area features condominiums, multi-level homes built in the 70s, newer homes and custom built moderately priced one or two story homes. There are upscale homes in the Shadow Run area that are highly competitive. Most of the homes offer a beautiful view of the Colorado Monument.

The Ridge has a unique trail suitable for mountain biking. It’s particularly ideal for people who enjoy the off-road biking experience.

Red Rocks Valley

If you are looking for a newer neighbourhood with beautifully styled homes that give you a perfect view of the Colorado Monument, the Red Rock Valley is the ideal choice. It features homes built between 2012 and 2015, on sizeable lots and covering more than 2400 square feet.

The homes have unique designs making the neighbourhood appealing and full of character. Current development consists of small lot homes, but the locals love the new designs.

The neighbourhood predominantly locks and leave with good quality finishing, which is why it is the best place to be if you are an older adult looking to relocate to the Redlands.

Other than beautiful homes, and wonderful people, the surrounding is also ideal for many different social activities. Red Rock National Conservation and Canyon are some of the places ideal for outdoor activities like mountain biking.

South Rim

Moving to Redlands? Best Neighborhoods in Redlands, CA

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The South Rim is an exceptional neighbourhood strategically located in the Redlands. Its uniqueness is due to its position next to the Connected lakes that form part of James Robb State Park in Colorado. This makes it an ideal neighbourhood for people who enjoy nature and bird watching.

There are more than 200 bird species at different times throughout the year. Most of the homes in this area were built 30 years ago, but some are 11 years old or less. Homes are extremely spacious with floor spacing ranging from 3500 all the way to 4500 feet square mostly on lots of up to 0.50 acres.

Prices vary between $4250000 and $700000 and you can easily find a home with a walkout basement.  At the South Rim, you get a wildlife setting juxtaposed against an urban environment with shopping centres, restaurants, and show business.

The wild in South Rim offers you a lot of adventure like off-road biking in the Grand Canyon or you could also explore the Canyon by road biking.

Final Word

The Redlands has many unique neighbourhoods for anyone looking to live there. So, which is the best neighbourhood for you? Well, that depends on your needs. Choosing a place to live in may seem difficult because each area has its own potential. However, we hope that the list we curated will be of help in picking the best place to settle in the Redlands.

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