How to Use Your Rented Dumpster the Proper Way?

How to Use Your Rented Dumpster the Proper Way?

There are always some dos and don’ts about any process. When you are going to use some utility, it’s best to learn the right and wrong ways about using it, so that you can follow the best practices only, and do not bring on inconvenience for you or others. This applies even when throwing off or dumping off waste inside a dumpster. Dumpsters also must be used properly, so that they do not get overburdened, or the dumped items do not spill out, or the way you are dumping does not cause trouble to neighbors, people moving around, and also the dumpster rental service while they take away the filled bin.

Avoid overfilling

Avoid making a mountain of trash on the dumpster. Overfilling a dumpster just because you feel there is room in there on the top, or just because you feel like making the most out of it because you are paying a rent for it, is a wrong attitude and approach. You should avoid overfilling the dumpster in a way that trash forms a mountain or heap on top of it in a miserable inconvenient way. Dumpsters are of various models. A hook lift model dumpster needs to be filed up to the rim only and not above that for the convenience of lifting. Also, any other bin that you overfill may cause spilling of trash through the way it’s hauled or carried off to the dumping ground, thereby bringing in lots of nuisance, mess, and inconvenience.

Parking and drain plugs

Parking the dumpster on hard ground, which is a paved path or concrete, is the best way to keep it. That’s because paved ground, the driveway, or the concrete front or back yard, keep the drain plugs of the dumpster secure from being used by rodents and cats. Normally rodents make their way into the bin through these drain plugs when the bin is placed on the soft ground containing grass and shrubs etc. Every dumpster has one or two drain plugs to keep off liquid and water from the trash you dump in there. To avoid pests and cats inside the trash that creates more problem, you can tell your dumpster rental service to provide drain plugs to you or send the dumpster with plugs already fitted.

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The no-liquid throwing policy

Every dumpster rental service has its own set of rules about what you cannot throw in the bin. One rule is common, and it’s about liquids, chemicals, pesticides, etc. Normally, no local dumpster rental company would allow you to throw in liquid waste in the bin. It can be a toxic chemical, oil, or abrasive, etc. Hence, you simply cannot throw any liquid in open or even sealed condition. Together with that, there are some more unique rules observed by every company. You can know of them only when you go through their terms and conditions, and it’s even better to ask them directly than to assume things.

Do not direct hose at the dumpster

You may have the feeling that the dumpster is not clean enough to handle, or may need some cleaning at parts. You may get an uncontrollable urge to direct a hosepipe at the dumpster to clean it in and out. But please resist this urge. You are not supposed to clean the dumpster with water or any liquid. It’s solely the duty and responsibility of the rental company to do this job before delivery and after pickup and emptying of the bin.

Avoid moving the dumpster on your own

Do not try to move the dumpster on your own. Whether empty or full or partially full, the weight of a dumpster is huge. You should not try to move it on your own. This can cause you strain and injury, cause the dumpster to break or get dents, and also can cause harm to your pavement and property. Instead of taking any such step on your own, call the rental company who would send help to move the dumpster to any convenient location for you. Avoid pushing, pulling, hauling or dragging the dumpster both when empty and loaded.

The eco-friendly recycling of dumped waste

What you dump inside a dumpster gets used in an eco-friendly way, and much of the trash can be recycled. Knowing this gives you a feeling of pride and satisfaction at heart that you are doing your bit to get some of the trash recycled through using a proper dumpster from a legally permitted dumpster rental service.

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Use the dumpster the right way

It’s a sad thing that in spite of knowing the basics and even in many cases knowing the advanced things, people do not adhere to the rules and follow them. That’s why many people get into trouble, many dumpsters get damaged, while many properties also suffer damage. This happens just because of careless and irresponsible use of the utility, which can really be avoided with realizing the implication of rules. Therefore, if you are renting a dumpster either for the first time or for the nth time, you must be sure that you follow the rules and use the utility the best way.

Rent a dumpster from the best service

To ensure you get the best quality service and support through the use, you should arrange to rent the dumpster from the best dumpster rental service locally based in your area. Choosing a good service ensures you get a dumping bin in the best health to serve you, and timely services too. Look through public reviews of locals too to know better about the service as you hire them.


One of the main reasons to rent a dumpster is to maintain cleanliness and get rid of trash. Hence, you must know of the proper rules for trash disposal so that the service also would like to serve you better in the future for obeying their rules and supporting their policies. You may need a dumpster again in a few days or month after the first use. And in that case, you must have a good rapport with the service.

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