NERD ALERT: 9 Perfect Jobs for the Technology Enthusiast

NERD ALERT: 9 Perfect Jobs for the Technology Enthusiast

There are over half a million open computing jobs in the U.S. right now.

You probably knew the tech industry was booming, but did you know that new jobs are being created at 4 times the rate of jobs in other industries?

There is no better time to join the tech industry than today. If you are a technology enthusiast but aren’t sure where your skills might fit in, have no fear. There are tons of different roles that are perfect for a technology enthusiast like yourself. And be sure to check out Massachusetts recruiting and staffing.

Keep reading for a list of 9 awesome jobs in technology.

1. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is a person who manages software development and information technology operations.

This person uses their skills to develop software and increase efficiency when it comes to coding and collaboration. They work to increase productivity while still delivering great results. Nisman Solutions for example is known for their software development and software engineering expertise.

2. Scrum Master

Scrum is a project management and development approach in which team members work together to complete projects in the most efficient way.

The scrum master is the head honcho and helps the rest of the team understand the fundamentals of scrum and put them to use in their work. To become a Scrum Master, you can take on the CSM (Certified Scrum Master) training program through which you will acquire all the necessary skills

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3. Javascript Developer

Javascript developers work on companies’ webpages by using the programming language to create interactive, user-friendly designs.

Almost all websites use Javascript, so this position is expected to stay in high demand.

4. Data Scientist

If you are a numbers person, then you might make a great data scientist.

These people work to analyze and understand the meaning of data. They use data to offer insight on business decisions.

5. Cybersecurity Engineer

These engineers work to protect their company’s networks and security systems.

They use their skills to develop strong security measures to prevent hackers and viruses from stealing their company’s data. With the increase in cybersecurity threats, this role is in high demand.

6. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

This is one job you don’t have to fear will be replaced by a robot.

Get ahead of the artificial intelligence boom by joining this career. As an artificial intelligence engineer, you will work with companies to implement artificial intelligence to increase their productivity.

7. Full Stack Developer

These web developers work on both the front end and back end of websites.

They enhance the user experience on the front in and help businesses create powerful back ends to develop their website. This job is in high demand because full stack developers have the skillset to do the work of multiple other developers.

8. App Developers

App Developers work to help companies by creating mobile applications to support their business.

Skilled app developers create platforms for clients to interact with businesses using user-friendly applications.

9. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers design and develop cloud computing system and remote servers that work to store data.

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These engineers are at the forefront of technology and data management and the field will only continue to grow.

More Jobs in Technology

While these are 9 of the top jobs in technology, the field is rapidly expanding. Choosing a career in technology is sure to leave you securely employed and well paid.

For more articles on the technology industry, check out our blog.

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