Beer Pairings with Vape

Beer Pairings with Vape

For the longest time, smoking has gone hand in hand with hanging out at the pub, shooting some pool, and drinking some beer.  With the new craze of vaping coming down the line, it is important to keep your taste buds open to new ideas.  In this article, three types of beers will be covered to give you a sense of what vape liquids pair best.   These will cover the classic IPAs, Lagers, and Stouts to give you an even range of choices.  Keep in mind, these are merely suggestions, try out your own combos to find the best flavor for you.


Who likes the hops? You probably do if your choice of beer is an IPA.  With the rise of the microbrewery, numerous IPAs are available in the market.  Most of which have a similar feature of high gravity, super hoppy and a little bitter.  In this pairing, the yin and yang offer the best pair to dance on your taste buds.  You will generally want to keep your choice to something sweet and or fruity.

For instance, Rainbow Candy is a vape liquid that mimics skittles.  Vape the rainbow and then wash it down with a slightly bitter IPA.  If candy is not your forte, having a mild dessert like blueberry custard can have a similar effect that teases the taste buds in between sips of beer.


Deep, cold, and refreshing, the lager is a beer that is full-bodied and goes well in multiple situations.  Lager came from the original beer garden concept of cold brewing in underground caves.  It is by far the most popular form of beer in the market.  They also generally go with many taste pairings, giving quite the range of flavors you could typically pair.

Some of the best vapes to tie with lagers consist of complimentary flavors.  In this instance, trying rich creamy vanilla or a soft orange crème like Cuttwood Outrage Orange could be the best sweet flavor to bring out the bolder flavors of your beer.  Alternatively, if you are feeling adventurous, you could go with That’s So Pretzel, a pretzel flavored vape juice. Yes, it may seem cliché, but it is a delicious combination.


The working man’s beer is called stout for a reason.  This thick and rich beer is based with brown malt and aged into perfection.  Just like all other beers, stouts come in a variety of flavors.  Some head it off with oats, others have gentle chocolate crisp.  Whichever you prefer, you will want a strong flavor to vape to stand up to the stout in the glass.

One great way to enjoy a stout is to try a tobacco flavored vape.  These flavors tend to be a stronger impression in the vape, matching the intensity of a stout.  An alternative worth noting is that you can also head in the opposite direction to get a different feel.  Having a soft dessert flavor, like chocolate chip cookie can bring out a different set of flavors.

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