Have You Insured Your New Puppy Yet? What Does Pet Insurance Cover and Why Needs It?

Have You Insured Your New Puppy Yet? What Does Pet Insurance Cover and Why Needs It?

Just as the costs of modern medical procedures are skyrocketing, similar advancements are happening in the costs of your pet’s healthcare as well.

Although you may not be thinking about health insurance as you fill your home with items for your new pet, it’s still important to consider.

Purchasing pet insurance coverage can be a good investment for the future of you and your pet. Read on to find out what pet insurance is and why you might need it.

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance coverage is similar to the coverage that’s available to people. It offers coverage for the vet expenses associated with illness and injury. Some plans also cover annual wellness exams as well as routine vaccinations.

There are a number of other similarities between pet and human insurance, such as including co-pays, deductibles, and premiums. These all vary based on the plan you select.

  • Deductibles are the amount of money you pay out of pocket before coverage begins. These can vary in amount and are based either annual or on a “per accident” basis.
  • Co-pay is what you pay for covered expenses that occur after you’ve paid your deductible. This is usually a percentage of the final cost.
  • Premium is what you pay regularly for your plan. This can vary greatly based on the current health of your pet as well as the coverage you select.

Benefits of Pet Insurance Coverage

Although it’s not something you’d typically consider, adding pet insurance coverage can offer a number of benefits.

For example, what would you do in the event of your pet’s illness or sudden injury? Like human health insurance, pet coverage can provide peace of mind in case of an emergency.

Aside from standard procedures such as annual wellness exams and vaccinations, there are a lot more expenses that can occur during the care of your pet. These include congenital defects, illness, and sudden injuries such as broken bones.

While no one wants to think that these can happen to their pets, being prepared allows you to provide your pets with the best possible care. Here are some of the common things you may want to prepare for:

  • Injuries such as broken borns and torn ligaments
  • Accidents from ingesting toxic materials
  • Cuts and wounds from bites falls, or attacks
  • Physical therapy and other extended treatments

Like humans, pets can run into accidents requiring immediate medical care. Purchasing pet insurance coverage helps ensure you’ll be ready for whatever happens.

Pre-Existing Conditions in Pets

Some pet insurance coverage and dog insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions. Some of these conditions can be quite expensive over time, or they could lead to bigger problems in the future.

These can be costly to pay for on your own. By finding the right pet insurance coverage, you can lessen the financial burden and keep up with your pet’s care.

Some pre-existing conditions are pretty common. However, unlike human health insurance, pet insurance companies are able to refuse coverage for these conditions.

The most common pre-existing conditions in pets are these:

  • Arthritis
  • Heart conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Neurological conditions such as epilepsy
  • Urinary tract problems
  • Cancer

If your pet has a pre-existing condition, navigating the pet insurance coverage marketplace can be complicated. However, there are options available beyond standard pet health insurance.

Alternatives to Pet Insurance Coverage

Pet insurance coverage can be difficult to find if your pet has a pre-existing condition. Fortunately, there are services on this website that can offer a cost-effective alternative.

If you can’t find what you need for basic pet insurance coverage, you can still get a plan that helps you pay for common ailments that can affect your pets. Without having to prove the current health of your pet, these discount plans can cover the following:

  • Annual wellness visits
  • Standard and emergency vaccinations
  • Hospitalization and surgery
  • Neutering/spaying
  • Dental care and x-rays
  • Treatment and drugs for diabetes
  • Cancer treatment

Discount plans in lieu of pet insurance coverage can also be a lot less complicated. There are no denials, no deductibles, and no wait periods for coverage to begin. This can be a big help, especially if your pet is dealing with a pre-existing condition.

Why Dog Insurance Is Especially Important

Because of selective techniques used in breeding, dogs can be especially prone to health problems. According to WebMD, here are some of the most common issues based on the dog’s breed:

  • Siberian huskies can suffer from a variety of autoimmune conditions. These commonly affect the skin and can lead to pigmentation issues and bald patches.
  • Golden retrievers have many issues with allergies and other skin conditions
  • Bulldogs and pugs are prone to respiratory issues. This is because the excess skin on their muzzle makes breathing more difficult. Pugs also commonly suffer from eye problems.
  • German shepherds can have hip issues, including hip dysplasia.
  • Labrador retrievers tend to have issues with body weight and obesity.
  • Dachshunds tend to have more back issues, because of the strain on their backs from the extra length.
  • Beagles can suffer from neurological disorders like epilepsy.
  • Boxers are more prone to certain cancers than other breeds.

Although these issues are most common in purebreds, mixed breeds can have them as well.

Based on whatever breed is in your dog’s DNA, they can be especially prone to certain conditions. This is why dog insurance is especially important to consider when deciding which pet insurance coverage is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Having a pet is a lot like having another member of your family. Like the rest of your loved ones, it’s important to make sure you can provide the best care possible for them.

With pet insurance coverage and discount plans, you can help prepare yourself for the cost of this care. Because you love them like family, adding pet coverage or dog insurance can help you keep them healthy, too.

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