Simple Tricks to Pest-Proof Your Home This Summer

Simple Tricks to Pest-Proof Your Home This Summer

If pests have you stressed with their creepy little legs dabbling in almost everything at home, it’s probably time for a killer remedy, yet easy-to-use. Guess what, with spring shoulder rubbing any time soon, it’s time for those wobbling bugs to target your place looking for food, water, and shelter. As the temperature starts running up, your home becomes the best go-to place for these nasty critters. So, look no further and get ready to pest-proof every corner of your home, a defense like no other shared to us by the experts from AJET.

But make sure to look for areas where these annoying bugs could seek a hideout and breed in volume. However, here are 8 simple ways to stay on top of your pest-removal spree without breaking the bank.

1. Block up those holes and extra passages:

Anything that connects your house to the outdoors from the inside, could be an invitation aisle for your pests. Be sure to look for anything offering the slimmest chance for bug entrance. Here you can use some adhesive patches, sturdy repair tapes, steel wool or caulk to manage the torn windows, laundry vents, pipe exits, loose weather stripping, cracked basements or even half-open garage doors, and pests will stay outside.

2. Keep your pantry clean:

Make sure to keep your kitchen and other rooms clean. Dust and particles that you knock out on the floor each time you’re serving, heating or taking out food from the refrigerator can invite a scout of bugs and make your kitchen their favorite place of food hunt.

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Regularly wipe or vacuum the residues from the kitchen and the dining space. Also, keep your food containers tightly sealed and trash bins covered.

3. Stay dry:

Make sure to eliminate excessive moisture by treating every wet spot, standing water source, and the damp area inside and outside your home. These are the ready breeding spots for pests like mosquitoes. cockroaches that look for water constantly. So, think twice next time you leave your kitchen sink filled with piles of dishes, or garage soaked in rainwater.

4: Cocoon yourself with anti-pest shields:

Every time you are soaking up the sun, strolling around a dense wood, or nearing a water pool, make no mistake to apply some branded repellents. Also, save your little ones by draping nets over them at the bedtimes. These are the simplest things to stay safe from unwanted bug bites or licks that could bring home allergies, infections, and diseases of all sizes.

5. Give your four-legged friends a proper dining area

Make sure every time your pets are eating, the bowls are placed on a spacious, easy-to-clean and non-stick covering, preferably rubber. Placing pet bowls on a large tray filled with water could be another trick. Both the hacks could offer you a timeless solution when you think your furry friends could build you a big pest firm by scattering foods everywhere while munching.

6. Keep the backyards and patio clutter free:

You may think they look pretty but trim those extra branches off your neighborhood overarching trees if they are near your window or roof and bridge the gap between you and hundreds of thousands of pests.

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7. Disinfect your home naturally:

Also, get rid of from your residential pests more naturally with fresh cucumber peels, spices like cinnamon, mints, black pepper, chili powder, and vinegar. These are natural pest traffic controllers, you can apply at home to demolish the bugs and their trails without any harmful effect on your health or bank balance.

8. Call a pest professional home:

Finally, don’t look for a DIY solution if you experience a never-ending pest problem at home. For example, only pest experts could offer you a turn-key solution for bed bug problems. So, bring a pest control squad home when you know you need professional intervention.

However, there is no rocket science when it comes to keeping those pests miles away from you. Just keep your rooms clean, clean out your garbage regularly and dust off your furniture, and you could stop these tiny monsters from intruding your home every season.

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