4 Key Ways People Can Keep Their Kidneys Healthy

4 Key Ways People Can Keep Their Kidneys Healthy

Most people don’t realize the importance of their kidneys. This organ is vital to their overall health. It performs many important functions. These include regulating the balance of fluids in their bodies and extracting minerals from their blood.

Moreover, it is discharging waste products and other toxic substances from their bodies. On top of this, it plays another critical role. This is in the creation of hormones responsible for the production of red blood cells. These organisms go a long way in promoting healthy bones and monitoring blood pressure. This is the reason why doctors say every individual should know how to look after them.

How can people look after their kidneys?

Doctors say certain chronic, life-threatening diseases have their origins from the unhealthy kidney. The most common being high blood pressure and diabetes. Medical researchers in America say such aliments affect one in every 3 individuals in the country. However, they explain it possible for people to improve the health of their kidneys. In the process, they also enhance the quality of their lives. They need to take the following 4 important steps to prevent contracting diseases affecting this vital organ. These are as follows:

     1. Drink adequate fluids

People should drink plenty of water or fluids to ensure their kidneys remain healthy. This becomes even more important when they are traveling to tropical countries. Even individual doing strenuous exercises need to keep this fact in mind. They have got to make up for the amount they lose through sweating. Moreover, they should make it a point to check the color of urine. It should either have a straw-like color or colorless. If it is any darker, it is a symptom they are suffering from severe dehydration. In cases, they should take the necessary measure to correct this condition maintaining a healthy fast or see a doctor.

     2. Consume a healthy diet every day

People who want to ensure the proper health and functioning of their kidney should avoid junk food. They should make it a point to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Their meals should contain plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains. These can be in the form of rice, whole-white pasta, and bread. They should also avoid taking too much salt.

     3. Monitor blood pressure levels

Most people are aware that high blood pressure can result in a stroke or even a heart attack. However, very few of them know the adverse effect this condition can have on their kidney health. A normal healthy individual’s blood pressure is within the range of 120/80. However, when this level reaches 139/90, he/she is suffering from prehypertension. In such a situation, he/she needs to make major lifestyle adjustments and change their diet. On the hand, if this person’s blood pressure reaches 140/90, he/she should immediately consult a doctor.

     4. Quit smoking and alcohol consumption

Individuals should want to keep their kidney healthy need to quit smoking immediately. This is because the nicotine in cigarettes damages all the blood vessels of this vital organ. As it a result, it cannot function at optimum levels. Moreover, these people also vulnerable to cancer, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. In the same manner, they should significantly reduce their alcohol consumption. Many doctors recommend they restrict their consumption to 14 units in a week.

The unhealthy kidney is a sign people may be vulnerable to many chronic lifestyle diseases. Taking the above 4 important precautions to ensure this doesn’t happen. On top of this, they should make it a point to exercise regularly to remain fit and healthy.

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