Be an Officer: What Is the Average Security Guard Job Description?

Be an Officer: What Is the Average Security Guard Job Description?

It’s no secret: having security guards in your business sends a powerful message. But what’s in the security guard job description and how can they can help protect your business?

Businesses from banks to warehouses to residential communities use security personnel. Guards typically serve two purposes: to protect people and property and to intimidate others to prevent wrongdoing.

Could your business benefit from a beefed up security strategy? Here’s what you need to know about the role of a security guard and what they can (and can’t) do:

Security Guard Job Description Duties

Security guards share many of the same traits and responsibilities of police officers. However, you should know the two aren’t the same.

Promote a Safe Environment

All security officers prioritize safety. It’s their primary job to protect those they serve. This may include checking backpacks before patrons can enter or exit a building, responding to alarms and emergencies, and enforcing event or property rules.

Prevent Wrongdoings

Warehouse security and loss prevention use security guards to deter employee theft and monitor activities during shift changes. Security presence reminds employees they’re being watched, giving them the incentive to stay on a straight and narrow path.

Build Rapport with Patrons and Visitors

Security guards are often the first line of defense for a company. They greet visitors to a facility and determine whether the visitor can gain entry.

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They set the tone for the company’s physical presence. Security guards must strike the right balance of friendly and firm. As an Orlando security company, Apex Security provides security officers for events, companies and more.

Work With Local Law Enforcement

When serious issues arise, such as a fire, theft, or bomb threat, security officers must refer to local authorities. They aren’t trained as police officers and must know when to call in professionals to handle a situation.

Required Education & Training

Security guard jobs don’t require a college degree, but they do require a unique skill set.

Guards should be able to lift, stand, and bend frequently throughout the day. They must use good judgment while remaining objective. Integrity, dependability, and emotional control also contribute to a successful role.

Security guards should be able to pass a background and drug test. Once hired, guards receive on-the-job training relevant to the environment they’ll be working in.


Surprisingly, most security guards make only $20,000-$26,000 per year, despite having a job that’s considered dangerous.

The average salary for a security guard is $11.36 per hour, with most security guards working long hours, holidays, and overnight shifts.

It’s not the money that attracts candidates to the field, but rather the thrill of the job itself. It can be an exciting, rewarding career for candidates who love to serve and protect but without the additional responsibilities of a police officer.

Do You Need a Security Guard?

Now that you’ve explored the security guard job description, could you benefit from their security services?

Security guards add a layer of protection to your business that no camera or motion lights can match. Consider the value a security guard could bring to your business.

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You might find it’s an investment that can pay for itself several times over.

For more career insights, head back to our blog.

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