Safeguard Your Home With These Easy Home Security Hacks

Safeguard Your Home With These Easy Home Security Hacks

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Going away from home can become a worrying thing to do if you are not sure your house is fully burglar-proof. Not all of us can afford to have the best security gadgets, but hey, not all of us have to!

There are lots of things that you can do to safeguard your home that don’t take too much time, and that come at a low cost! This is why we prepared a list of some easy home security hacks to try out when traveling!

So, while you’re away, you should consider doing some of the following things!

Consider investing in a home monitoring system!

You may think that getting the best home security system comes at a high price, but the truth is that you can actually get one for less than $100! This is an investment that will guarantee you peace of mind, so it is definitely something to consider, isn’t it?

The majority of home monitoring systems you can get online will also allow you to view the live video remotely, whether you are at work or traveling abroad. This feature is something that comes in handy in just about any occasion, be it checking up on your babysitter or seeing what your dog is up to!

Keep up your home maintenance!

Burglars rarely come barging in without planning their break-in beforehand. They actually plan the burglary into great details, which almost always includes keeping track of when your gardener or your pool guy come over.

This is why you should make sure that everything appears normal if you are on a vacation. Additionally, you could have some housesit while you and your loved ones are away. This will completely ruin their plants to come barging in when they notice that your home maintenance is off track!

Have someone check up on your home if you’re away!

A pile of newsletters and mail are usually the first thing that gives away the fact that your home is empty. This is why you should leave a key with one of your friends or family members and have them check up on your home as often as they can.

Of course, if you don’t have someone reliable to do this for you, you can always contact your newspaper service and have them hold your deliveries while you’re away.

Set up timers for your indoors lights!

Lots of people tend to leave their lights on throughout the day while they’re at work or for the whole length of their trips. However, if a burglar is keeping an eye out for your home, they will notice that something is off after a while.

Getting a timer for your indoor lights usually costs less than $20 and it is guaranteed to confuse anyone who was hoping to break in!

Consider disconnecting your garage door!

While technology makes our lives easier on daily basis, it certainly has a lot of flaws to it at the same time. You don’t have to be a genius to learn how to hack a simple garage door system. Some of them can even be opened by a universal remote! This is why you should definitely disconnect the garage door if you are going on a vacation!

Make sure to advertise your security system!

Most burglars will give up on their plans of breaking into a house if they see that it has a good security system. One of the best ways to make sure that they know that you’re property is not the one to be messed around with is by advertising the home security companies!

However, if you can’t make the time to get a security system before leaving for your trip, you can simply buy some stickers and stick them onto your doors and windows. Burglars may even see through your bluff, but they probably won’t risk their chances of getting caught!

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Install smart locks!

This is a yet another great deterrent for anyone looking to break in. You can get smart locks with different features, such as keyboard access, RFID access, or biometric access. Additionally, smart locks can be connected to your mobile devices, making it easy for you to lock or unlock the door remotely!

However, these locks usually come at a bit higher price but they are definitely something to consider if having a peace of mind while you’re away is your top priority!

Using these simple and easy home security hacks, you can be sure to come back to an intact home and go about your daily life knowing that you and your loved ones are safe at any given moment! You’ll agree that no price is too high when it comes to your security, so make sure to safeguard your home as soon as possible!

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