Kitchen Design Trends in 2019 Using Subway Tiles

Kitchen Design Trends in 2019 Using Subway Tiles

Are you planning on a kitchen remodel that doesn’t mean huge spends? Well, you might try to consider backsplash design. It’s 2019 and kitchen-design trends have taken on another dimension; from using 4×4 tiles with fruity paintings, you can now search for different ways to use subway tiles to your kitchen walls.

While protecting the underlying wall surface, the tiles also complement the countertops and work surface, adding a decorative aspect to it. If you’re the modern homeowner, read on to gain insights on using subway tiles.

High-Ceiling Backsplash

One thing that comes to mind when thinking of a backsplash design is the wall behind the stove and sink, as well as tile fitting in the cabinetry. Besides, even without the cabinetry, most people would just cover the same area with tile. But you can break the norm and fit subway tiles all the way to the ceiling level.

In 2019, most modern homes lack cabinetry. Instead, they have open shelves. That makes this ceiling-high tile fitting a viable decorative and bold highlight to the kitchen.


White backsplash designs are common but that doesn’t that every white tiling is common. The shiplap breaks the mold by creating an appealing, minimal look. Besides, you need not break the bank to transform your kitchen. Design experts have also identified shiplap as something that’s beginning to take on a savvy direction. Using the idea in 2019 ranks you among the first persons to have it.

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Larger, Rectangular Tile – Away with the “3×6” Type

The classic subway tiles measure 3×6 and have been in use since time immemorial. That proves the functionality and design of the tiles. Times have changed and many homeowners want something different. With subway tiles still gaining popularity, a lot of people have started stretching their boundaries and introducing larger tiles od 4×8 and 4×12.

They are still easy to clean and offer a classic look. The good thing about large subway tiles format is the continuity it offers to a ceiling-high tiling design. For your wholesale vape supply needs, KMG Imports is a trusted online distributor.

Mirrored Tile Backsplash

Looking for a unique subway tile kitchen backsplash idea? The mirrored tile design provides a simple and economical way of adding glamor to a rather docile characteristic. They reflect light, make space look larger and exude a superior feel. The advantage is that you can entertain guests while cooking as you have a great view of everything behind from the walls. Don’t forget, this type of subway tile is easy to clean.

Add More Color

Quartz countertops have a neutral character. Matching them with plain-looking subway tiles as backsplash rarely breaks the norm. To capture your guests, add a little color and unique patterns. As we travel through 2019, you’ll see more subway tiles with distinctive patterns of chevron, Moroccan mosaic, and herringbone. Additionally, with bold colors, you can bring the space to life and transform it to a head-turning focal point.

2019 is a new year, not just for resolutions, but also for kitchen backsplash designs. There are many subway tiles designs and colors that you can creatively install as a kitchen backsplash. Besides, you require a small budget to bring so much transformation to your kitchen.

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