Keeping Watch: Your Guide to Watch Styles for Women

Keeping Watch: Your Guide to Watch Styles for Women

When you think of women’s fashion, how long does it take until you get to wristwear? Probably a while. If so, that is a shame, because a watch can tie an outfit together like nothing else.

Women’s watch styles have exploded in recent years. From watches that resemble traditional men’s watches to a plethora of patterns, there are more options than ever for women who want to rock a chic timepiece.

In fact, there are so many options that they can be overwhelming. What is the difference between a skeleton watch and a bracelet watch? Which watch is best for the office, and what is the perfect watch for a night on the town?

We will help you answer those questions with this comprehensive guide to women’s watch styles. Read on to find your new favorite time-telling accessory.

A Comprehensive Guide to Women’s Watch Styles

You do not have to be rich to wear a stylish watch. All you need is a knowledge of the styles available so you can match them to your personal style.

Our list includes watches from across the spectrum of taste, from large pieces to tasteful, understated fare. Whatever your taste, you will find something to love among the watch styles below. See for yourself.

White Watches

“White” may not seem like a style so much as a color. But it is a color that is so bold that it becomes a style.

Contrary to wisdom about wearing white after Labor Day, white watches are suitable year-round. Many of them have silver or diamond fixtures, and they can add a preppy chic feel to an outfit.

Metal Watches

Metal is the primary construction material of many watches, so you do not need us to tell you it is reliable. We highlight it here to point out that you do not have to stick with silver or yellow gold if you get a metal watch. Rose gold is an increasingly popular option that has a little more versatility than either of those more traditional metals.

Bracelet Watches

Bracelet watches blend timekeeping with more traditional fashion. They feature jewelry bands with many of the same features of regular bracelets. You can even hang charms from some of them.

Minimalist Watches

Minimalism is an aesthetic that highlights function as much as form. Minimalist watches are sleek, simple, and may not even feature numbers on their faces. They may not have any markings on their face, depending on how minimal you go!

Minimalist watches can come in a lot of the other styles on this list, which makes them quite versatile.

Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches get their names from the fact that you can see their guts. Their faces offer a view of the inner gears that literally make the watch tick. Women’s skeleton watches add a bit of elegance to this edgy style.

Pattern Watches

There are almost as many patterned watch faces as there are women to wear them. You can get a watch face with a floral print, an animal print, a more complicated art deco print, or even a map in the background.

The patterns extend beyond watch faces too. Many bands include patterns, including the popular two-tone style where two distinct metals pair for a classy but practical all-purpose look.


How can you ignore the fastest growing watch style on the market? Smartwatches should sell in the hundred millions by 2022.

Historically, smartwatches have not been particularly attractive. But that is changing as manufacturers start to prize beauty along with high-tech gadgetry. These watches can now pair with business attire as well as athletic gear.

Wrap Watches

Wrap watches take the fashion-forward thinking behind bracelet watches and push it to the limit. The wristbands of these watches wrap around the wrist several times over. The material determines the look, as you can find wrap watches in leather, stone-studded bands, and other textiles.

Interchangeable Watches

If you want a watch that does it all, look no further than the interchangeable watch. What you are buying here is a face that can pair with multiple bands. Technically, that is true of many watches, but interchangeable watches are designed specifically for easy band changes.

Wearing an interchangeable watch allows you to go from the office to a dinner date without worry. You can change your look based on your situation, taste, or whim.

Boyfriend Watches

Boyfriend watches are the boy shorts of the watch world. Just like wearing men’s underwear inspired an undergarment revolution, so has wearing men’s watches inspired fashion in the women’s watch world.

Many women prefer to wear men’s watch styles, and we encourage that too. But if you are looking for a slightly more refined version of the men’s watch, the boyfriend watch is the choice for you. These watches feature the same large features, thick parts, and frequent metal accents of men’s watches, but they give you a fit that is tailored to a woman’s wrist.

You Better Watch Out

Now that you know the field of watch styles, you can pick the women’s watch that is perfect for you. Whether you are looking for the functionality that you can get in a smartwatch or the fun that comes with floral prints, there is a watch out there for you. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

This is just the beginning of our fashion advice. If you are looking to extend further into your wardrobe, check out our other fashion guides.

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