Uplift your business with Tekmetric auto repair software

Uplift your business with Tekmetric auto repair software

Today, digital vehicle inspection is the ‘it’ thing when it comes to running a successful auto repair shop. Two decades ago, most cars were more about mechanics and less about electronics. Today, things are very different, cars have more electronics than ever, and the trend doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon. For this reason, it was necessary for most of the industry trends to follow suit and go electronic. This is how digital vehicle inspections came into being. Tekmetric is an auto repair software that is leading the industry is with innovative digital vehicle inspection functionality.

Benefits of digital vehicle inspection

Digital vehicle inspection (DVI) has numerous benefits as compared to the other traditional vehicle inspection techniques. These benefits are the reason why the trend is picking a lot of traction among vehicle owners and auto repair shops. These benefits include:

Quick vehicle diagnosis

Traditional vehicle inspection techniques were notorious for taking a lot of time to complete. This was very frustrating to customers as they had to dedicate a lot of time just to have their vehicle inspected. As for auto shops, the traditional methods were very inefficient as they consumed a lot of time and reduced the staff output significantly. Today, things are very different in the auto sector thanks to the innovative Tekmetric software. This software allows you as an auto repair shop to inspect a vehicle in record time and get an accurate diagnostic on it.

Improved customer experience

Thanks to the short time that the Tekmetric takes to do a vehicle inspection, you will be able to improve the customer experience at your auto repair shop. This improved experience means that your customers will be happy with the services your shop provides and you can be able to retain them. As time goes by you will be able to retain more and more customers to the extent that you might see the need to expand your business. All of this is thanks to this auto repair software.

Increased profitability

The main aim of any business is making a profit. Tekmetric allows your shop to perform quicker vehicle inspection and have satisfied customers. The satisfied customers become loyal to your shop and with time the total number of customers to your auto repair shop increases. Through this software, you can easily double or even triple the number of customers your shop attends to. This means that you will be making more money as a business thanks to this auto repair software, therefore, increasing your business profitability.

Why is Tekmetric so popular today?

Tekmetric is a top-rated software today in the auto repair sector because it stands out as an all-inclusive platform. Sure, digital vehicle inspection is one of its strongest offerings, but it has a lot going for it. Here are some of the best offerings of this auto repair software that make it stand out.


Tekmetric allows your business to send SMS and emails to customers. This software also allows you to make direct calls to your customers. You can utilize this feature to keep your customers updated with the progress of their vehicles under repair. Additionally, you can also send promotional information to your customers directly through this feature to improve your sales.


This auto repair software allows you as a shop owner to keep track of your employees. This software lets you create individual employee profiles and easily record the work they have completed. Additionally, you can also easily arrange employee shifts through this software.

Customizable rates

Through the customer database in this software, you can easily create customizable rates for your loyal customers. This reward system will ensure that your customers stick with you. You can create as many customizable rates as you wish through this software.

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