Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

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The parent-to-be phase can be pretty intimidating and filled with befuddles when you have to make choices for your baby’s essentials. Presumably, baby clothing is one section where most parents would spend most of their time! But when it comes to kids’ clothing, it’s better not to blow up the budget. Babies outgrow clothes in no time and, there’s no use in buying expensive bodysuits and wrap overs- they’ll only remain in the closet for a few months! However, with affordable organic baby clothing, you get the best for your child’s skin and value for your money.

What are organic baby clothes?

As the name implies, organic clothing is a safe and healthy garment you can give your child. Most parents believe regular cotton is the best fabric in the baby clothing section, but organic cotton is a healthy alternative. It is made of 100% natural fabric and is free of pesticides and chemicals. Over the years, agricultural advancements have made genetically modified crops popular due to their characteristic features and better yielding performance. Precisely, such types of non-organic farming involve harmful chemicals and pesticides to keep the crop safe, but not the stuff made out of it. Luckily, organic farming does exist in some regions. The cotton is free of pests and petroleum-based pesticides, along with being skin-friendly. 

Pros of organic baby clothing

Undeniably cotton has exceptional properties of being breathable, easy to care for and soft to touch. But organic cotton clothes can double up as an eco-friendly alternative being safe for the skin. Here is a list of other ways your baby will benefit from wearing organic clothes:

  • No more breathing toxins!
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Polluted air has been the medium of breathing for most people. However, babies are often inside home premises and away from pollutants. But unfortunately, that doesn’t keep babies from inhaling toxins. Your baby’s clothes can seem all clean and tidy but consist of herbicides internally. For instance, when you buy regular cotton suits, understand that this fabric releases 16% more pesticides than any other cash crop. 

Aldicarb could be the prime suspect if your baby suffers from sudden breathing complications coupled with headache and nausea. Cotton farming involves this pesticide in more extensive amounts, and you know the aftermath! However, when you switch to organic clothes, your baby breathes only air and not carbamates from the clothes.

  1. They are forever soft

Non-organic clothes tend to lose their delicacy and become rough over multiple washes. As a result, you might end up shopping for new ones, and in no time, your baby will outgrow them. Thanks to some reputed brands that manufacture affordable organic baby clothing, they retain their softness and are economical!

  1. Gentle on baby skin

Your baby’s skin is highly sensitive. Researchers say that babies between the age of 0 and 2 years have delicate skin that cannot retain the moisture it needs. One in every three babies develop ultra-sensitive skin and respond against minute stress or fabric changes. Considering that Australia is also known as the allergy capital of the world, organic baby clothing is the only baby-friendly option that is free of toxins and chemical dyes, along with being extra soft. 

  1. Cuts down on skin allergies
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Since baby skin is physiologically sensitive, they can quickly develop allergies even with regular cotton clothes, and you’ll never know what went wrong! Fabric irritants are the most prominent cause of dermatitis and eczema in babies that start with flushed skin and welts. Since organic baby clothing is free of external agents and irritants, there is zero possibility of a fabric allergy. 

Buying affordable organic baby clothing is certainly a healthier and economical alternative to regular baby clothes. The above-mentioned benefits clearly show why you must switch to organic clothing right away!

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