5 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Office Chairs

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Chairs play a considerable role when it comes to our health, especially office chairs. But, why health? If you don’t have a comfortable office chair, you will not relax and work, which might decrease your productivity drastically. These chairs might also give you severe back pain and neck pain issues. These chairs are essential for everyone who sits for long hours in front of the computer or laptop screen.

Indeed, you are aware of the purpose of these chairs. But there are some exciting things about them, which will be mind-boggling for you. And here they are:

Charles Darwin Modified the Chair With Wheels

Did you know that there were office chairs without wheels many years ago? But then how did it come to have wheels? As per Gizmodo, English naturalist Charles Darwin created the chair with wheels in the 19th century. He used to work for many hours on plants and animals. Darwin wanted his chair to move around while being seated, but the chairs had fixed legs. So, he altered the chair by adding wheels. Currently, these wheels are known as casters. Nowadays, with wheels on the chairs, workers can slide and move around without standing.

 A German Chancellor Made the Chair Famous

Although English naturalist Charles Darwin is given credit for creating the wheels, German chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, is believed to have made the office chair popular. And guess what? That takes place in the 19th century as well. The 19th century was when the workplace culture turned into more of an office-like setting where businesses required more working staff, whether it was as an administrative worker or a receptionist. These workers would sit for an extended period. German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck was fascinated with the chair and thought of it as a revolutionary tool. Upon seeing this, he was aware of the practical use of the chair and ordered hundreds of them for the Parliament. And then, after introducing these chairs to the public, they became famous.

 Making Full Use of the Chairs

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People utilize the office chair more than they can in their lifetime. The average user sits at least ten hours a day, as per National Post. If the employees work for 262 days a year, then the full use of the office chair will be about 2620 hours. Office chairs last for about seven to eight years, as per a report by Baylor University. Other sources claim that the chairs can last for a decade.

 Centripetal Spring Armchair

The centripetal spring armchair was one of the world’s first office chairs, according to the Vitra Design Museum. Thomas E. Warren invented this chair in the 19th century. Warren created the basic design of this chair, and the New York-based American Chair company manufactured it for him. This chair comprises a cast-iron wrought structure with varnished steel, wood, and soft velvet upholstery. Its size is similar to the present-day office chair. According to Slate Magazine, this chair had identical attributes to modern-day chairs except for the lumbar support. But this chair couldn’t gain popularity since it was very comfortable, and company owners of the 19th century weren’t concerned about the workers’ comfort.

 Mesh-Back Chairs

Did you know that mesh-back chairs originated in the late 20th century? That is the time when Herman Miller released its Aeron chair. With the increase in technology and many web-based businesses, Herman Miller fulfilled the requirements of a comfortable and ergonomic chair with its Aeron chair. You will be able to find it today at the Museum of Modern Art’s (MMA) collection.

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