Smart Landscaping: Tips to Create a Functional and Beautiful Home Landscape Design

Smart Landscaping: Tips to Create a Functional and Beautiful Home Landscape Design

Thinking of making some changes to the aesthetics of your home? Great! Designing redesigning, or rehabbing a space improves the quality of a house.

But you have to know where to start when it gets down to landscaping.

Planning a landscaping job can become overwhelming if you’re not an expert. There’s much room for costly errors when you’re not a pro. Homeowners who are gung-ho about DIYing their own projects often make these mistakes.

Planting sun-loving plants in the shade or growing plants in poor soil are all rookie mishaps. But you can’t still get the job done right with some good guidance.

If you’re ready to redesign your landscaping, read this guide to smart landscaping. Here are some tips to help create a functional and beautiful home landscape design.

Smart Landscaping Means Planning for Access

When you’re laying out your walks, map out an access pattern for through traffic like kids, pets, and machinery.

If you like to keep your yard tidy, then a lawn mower may touchdown in it a few times a month. And, if you have a family, expect the kids and the pets to create their own paths. Don’t let it be a path straight through your prized plantings.

Create a sensible path away from your landscaping project. Straight paths work best and are more realistic. They aren’t the most appealing. But they don’t take away from the beauty of your work either.

For added protection, add a retaining wall. A place like can give you an idea of what size wall you need.

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Throw a Curve

No, this has nothing to do with a curveball. It’s all about the flowers and how to make the eyes follow them.

When you’re laying out your plant bed, move away from the traditional straight line. Bend the line into a curve to make the bed more enticing. Curved lines signal the absence of a threat to the brain.

The brain then sends that message to heart, leading people to feel softer towards what they’re looking at. Curves affect our feelings. Throw in beautiful flowers and you’ve got one winning landscape.

Use a measuring tape to curve out at least 100 feet. Pivot your flower bed around it from start to end. The end result is an even landscaped scene guests are sure to cry over.

Play with Depth

Background and foreground are common terms in landscaping. But there’s a middle ground. And you can raise the beauty of your landscape by delving into it.

The middle ground separates the front from the rear view while offering a compelling view from the middle. This gives the eye three layers or depths of landscaping to marvel at.

Put your power flowers up front—lilacs, Lilly of the valley, and primrose. Usually, the home is in the background giving the eye something to fixate on when it needs rest. Elevate the middle by adding some steps. Add grass or greenery to the steps for a soft focus.

Create a Home Landscape Design

You don’t have to have a large income or spend a lot to create a beautiful landscape job. With smart landscaping, you can create an exceptional home design with less.

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Map out some time for your project. Or, try visiting a nursery to gather more ideas.

Read our lifestyle guide for insight into future home projects.

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