Eufy Robovac 30 vs. Roomba 690: which one is the best?

Eufy Robovac 30 vs. Roomba 690: which one is the best?

          If you count how much time you spend doing your domestic chores, you will be surprised, because you will find out that at least 30 days a year you spend cleaning, washing, cooking, etc. But time is the most precious thing you have in your life; spending it on the chores, you don’t like to do, is the greatest absurdity.

    Happily, modern technologies are ready to help you. From day to day they develop and invent new methods of saving the time. To ease your cleaning process, the technology designed vacuum cleaner; to keep your time and ease the cleaning, it created a robotic vacuum cleaner that works autonomously and cleans almost as efficient as regular vacuum does.

    There are many robot vacuums in the market designed for the different size of the pocket. In this article, we will discuss devices for the tight budget of entry-level. These are Roomba 690 and Eufy RoboVac 30, both the ones of the cheapest in the market. In this face-to-face battle, we find out the main differences between these models and, in the end, define the winner.

    Models overview

    Roomba 690

    Roomba 690  is the highest model of the entry-level. It costs about $300 and provides some great functions to make a cleaning process efficient. The device has a 3-stage cleaning system that uses two types of brushes. The first type consists of two complex brushes that loosen, lift and pull in dirt and debris. The second brush type is Edge-sweeping brush to the thorough cleaning of the edges and corners.

    The device has a complect of the standard sensors that prevent device’s fallings and collisions and provide intelligent navigation through the house. The motor of the Roomba 690 is of average power; it works well on the hard floors, short and middle piled carpets. Unfortunately, the device does not perform good cleaning on the long-piled carpets, but still, it works perfectly with pet hair. Thank the HEPA-style filters; it can eliminate the allergens with 90% efficacy. 

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    The device is also equipped with the mobile app and smart assistant compatibility to make the cleaning process convenient. The most important feature of the Roomba 690 is that it has the Virtual Wall Barrier that provides vacuuming within defined borders.


  • Virtual Wall Barrier;
  • 3-stage cleaning system with efficient brushes;
  • efficacy on the hard floors;
  • extended runtime up to 90 min;
  • the intelligent dirt detecting sensors;
  • affordability


  • a bit noisy;
  • not for long-piled carpets;
  • mistakes in the dirt detection

    Eufy RoboVac 30

    Eufy RoboVac 30 is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner for those who have a very tight budget. It costs even lesser than Roomba 690 and provides almost the same options. The price of Eufy RoboVac 30 is about $270, and for this price, one can get remarkable performance.

The device provides a deep cleaning. It combines a low profile design with large dustbin of 0.6 litters and a powerful motor of 1500 Pa. It works well on different surfaces including hard floors and carpets. Although the device lacks a Carpet Boost technology, it can increase the suction power to the maximum level for a short period when it’s needed. RoboVac 30 is equipped with one roller brush at the bottom of the body and a pair of spin brushes to clean the edges and corners.

The device lacks mobile connectivity and cannot map the house, and nevertheless, it navigates smartly through the rooms due to its intelligent sensors located on the body of the robot vacuum. The same complex of sensors prevents the device’s fallings and collisions. RoboVac 30 also has a boundary strip option that is a kind of the equivalent of the Virtual Wall, so, one can bound the device within the needed area and provide the cleaning of the particular place.


  • The powerful motor of 1500 Pa
  • 13-feet Boundary strip
  • Quietness
  • Extended runtime up to 100 min
  • Large dustbin
  • Low-profile of 2.8 in
  • Affordability
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  • Non-connective;
  • Not for long-piled carpets

    Eufy Robovac 30 vs. Roomba 690

    To make a comparison obvious, we drew up a comparative table with the most important features of both models.

Eufy Robovac 30 vs. Roomba 690: which one is the best?

As you can see, Eufy Robovac 30 and Roomba 690 are quite an equivalent rival. There are features one has and the other lacks. So, to define your choice, you should first decide what you need. If the question is only money, then RoboVac is your choice, for it’s lesser in price than Roomba 690.

If you need power and total adjustability of the vacuum on every surface, RoboVac is your choice, for you can see it’s more powerful and adjustable to any surface due to its large wheels. If the point is connectivity and remote control, then Roomba 690 is for you.

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The final words  

Robot vacuum technologies make life comfortable and convenient. There are a lot of smart devices in the market. They fit any pocket and help to save the most precious thing in humans life – their time. We hope that this review was useful for you and helped you to find a real solution for some of your domestic chores.

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