Into the life of Craig Matthew Feigin

Into the life of Craig Matthew Feigin


Craig Matthew Feigin is a successful professional who has marked himself as a famous person in the history of investment and business world. His life path is going to be discussed below.

Early days of his life

Craig Matthew Feigin spent his early days in South Florida and after being raised up there he went to other parts of Florida and Miami. He always had interest in numbers that show his attraction towards investment. Therefore, he did his graduation in Business Management and Economics in the year 2009 from Florida International University. Apart from good in studies, he also took part in co-curricular activities such as football, chess, and swimming. Through his interest, he learned different dynamics of investment that are good for the business world. The reason behind his success is that he worked hard and was always open towards learning.

Start of the career – the Year 2009

Feigin started his career from the scratch and right after his graduation in the year 2009, he entered in the trading and investment world and he started to trade different luxury commodities such as gold and silver that would bring profit in future. He worked hard with a skillful mind and got enough stable to launch pad big by the year 2011 which is only two year from the start of his career. This was that time when he properly entered in the investment world and started doing wonder that world still praises him for. So, at a very young age started to take such steps that made him a very successful person.

Next major step in the career – the Year 2012

In the year 2012, he started his investment phase where he started making investments in real estate throughout Miami and his real estate portfolio became so popular that he became the center of attention for everyone in real estate world. His success made him build good relations with other agents in the real estate world around Miami and therefore his success became more definite.

Way to become Millionaire – the Year 2016 to 2018

Between the year 2016 to 2018, he worked on developing a residential society which he gave a name of “Live-aboard yachts”. His utmost efforts and hard work made this project so famous that he became a millionaire and also marked as the first person to identify such business opportunity that brought a lot of money and also served people as well. This is his current venture and he must be working on some future investment plans as well and therefore the world is waiting what new he is going to bring to the business world that can change the world.


Apart from Feigin’s professional success, he also groomed himself as a nice and humble person who participates in social work as well. Every year he donates a significant amount of money to charitable organizations that shows his good heart for people. He is a role model for everyone as a person himself as well as a professional icon whom people can follow and make their lives successful.

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