Do you Need a Table Saw for Your DIY Projects?

Do you Need a Table Saws for Your DIY Projects?

A table saw can be a useful addition for DIY projects that involve woodworking. This is because a table saw is extremely versatile, with the capacity to cut large sheets of plywood all the way down to small pieces of wood. What makes a table saw so useful is not only the ability to cut different sizes of wood, but its design also allows for clean edges on DIY projects. This post is designed to help you decide if using a quality table saw is the right fit for your DIY needs.


A table saw is exactly what it sounds like. It is characterized by a saw blade protruding from a stationary flat surface, or arbor. It is important to note that, as the saw blade is driven by an electric motor, it is important to be mindful of safety when operating this machinery. Here is a link for safety tips:

The saw can be adjusted up and down, for deeper or shallower cuts. The blade angle can also be changed, to allow for additional versatility. The blade can then easily be locked into place how you want it. Table saws are a staple for woodworking projects, as they offer more versatility than the other classes of saw.

Types of Cuts

The type of cuts that can be produced by a table saw are listed here.
1. A rip cut rips the material lengthwise, going with the grain.
2. A cross cut cuts straight across the grain of the wood.
3. A miter cut is cutting the wood at an angle. Think about the corner of the trip around a door frame. This is generally done with the addition of a miter gauge to stabilize the wood for a clean angle.
4. A beveled cut is an angled cut around the edge of the material. It is often used as a decorative finish.
5. A dado cut takes a special blade and creates a wider cut than usual, to create more of a groove. It is very useful for furniture and cabinet making.
6. A rabbet cut is also made with a dado blade, however just takes the material off around the edges of the blade.

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If you are using a variety of these cuts, a table saw may be right for you. Table saws are the best option when it comes to long cuts, such as a long rip cut or a long bevel. While other power saws have the capacity to accurately execute some of these looks (such as a miter saw with a miter cut), the table saw is the only saw that gives you the versatility to accomplish all of these looks. See the following for a visual of the types of cuts.

Project ideas

Below is a list of some common starter ideas for DIY projects with a table saw.

1. Birdhouse
2. Bookcase
3. Cornhole set
4. Shelves
5. Wooden bench
6. Step stool
7. Picnic table

If you see yourself being interested in these types of projects, then a table saw may be a good fit for you. It offers versatility that other saws do not, and can help you create the look you desire.

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