5 Things Every Best Man Needs to Know in One Easy Checklist

5 Things Every Best Man Needs to Know in One Easy Checklist

As the best man at your friend’s wedding, you’ll have certain responsibilities that you need to take care of now that you have been given this awesome honor. The average best man knows that he’s responsible for throwing the bachelor party and making it a memorable night that the groom will never forget. But there are many other responsibilities for the groom’s right-hand man as well.

If you’re struggling with discovering the responsibilities you’ll have to attend to as the best man, have no fear because we’re here to help you. We’ll tell you everything you need to know as the best man and put it in one simple checklist with brief explanations of your duties and responsibilities at Wedding DJ Detroit.

  1. Help the Groom Choose the Engagement Ring

At this stage of the game, you may not have even been asked to be the best man yet, but if your buddy needs your help you have to go with him to choose the engagement ring. You aren’t expected to know about clarity, cut, color, and carats, but he values your opinion so you need to be there for moral support.

  1. Act as the Right Hand Man for the Groom

The groom is going to have a million and one responsibilities now that he is about to get married. You need to offer your help and support every step of the way.

It’s really tough planning a wedding and there’s stress at every turn. So being there to lend your partner in crime a helping hand will keep him from suffering from a mental breakdown because of all the additional responsibility thrust upon him.

  1. Planning the Bachelor Party
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The bachelor party is huge for every future groom. It’s a major rite of passage because it’s the last time he’s going to spend a wild night or weekend out on the town as a single guy. So you have to get this right every time.

Do you think the bachelor party should be local or should you travel for this momentous occasion? A lot of people like to have a hens party in Las Vegas because of all of the debauchery and whatnot. Do you go to Wicked Stag in New Zealand for the trip of a lifetime or do you keep it local?

Once you’ve decided where it’s going to be held, you have to choose the venue, pick the entertainment, and make certain the event is going to be completely memorable. This is an awesome responsibility and your best mate is counting on you so you have to get it right.

5 Things Every Best Man Needs to Know in One Easy Checklist best friends

  1. Help the Groom Get Ready before the Wedding

So many grooms need a helping hand as they get ready for the wedding. Some of them are struggling with nerves or they may even be second-guessing the decision. Others are happy to be getting married but don’t like being on display in front of others.

It’s your job as the best man to make sure there’s plenty of alcohol on hand to ensure the groom is ready to say his vows in front of a room full of family members, friends, and other attendees.

  1. Keeping the Wedding Rings Safe

Last but certainly not least, the groom’s best man is responsible for keeping the wedding rings safe. This is a sacred responsibility and you need to treat it as such. You must know where those rings are at all times and never lose sight of them. So please keep the rings safe and secure and protected at all times.

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Final Thoughts

It’s always great when a good friend asks you to be his best man. It may seem like fun and games at the time but it’s also an important responsibility. Keep this checklist in mind to make sure you handle your best man duties and responsibilities to the fullest so the wedding and bachelor party goes off without a hitch.

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