Empowering brands with the potential of Virtual Reality

Empowering brands with the potential of Virtual Reality

If we were to talk about the amazing technological advances that the video game industry has made, virtual reality would be on the top of that list for sure. Even though virtual reality blew up because of its ability to be integrated with video games, there are still other uses for this concept and technology. We will talk about what virtual reality actually is, how to understand it, how it can be used, why is it helpful, what other advancements can be or are being made to take this concept up a notch, and why it is important for the future. All these questions will be answered.

What is Virtual Reality?

Before we can even begin to dive into the complexities, it is necessary to understand the basic concept of what the words Virtual Reality (VR) actually mean. While the name seems oxymoronic, the concept itself is quite futuristic. Virtual Reality can be described as a dimension where the actions you take in real life affect the actions in a virtual world and create consequences according to the person. It can be described as quite literally living in a different reality. This ability to dominate a virtual world is what makes Virtual Reality such a significant asset to the video game industry.

Connection to Other Industries and Brands

If you analyze what actually the point of Virtual Reality is then it becomes quite clear to see how it would fit into the ventures of other industries. One of the biggest industries that Virtual Reality is perfect for is the video game industry.

  • Video Game Industry- The reason that it is perfect is that video games are pretty much the opportunity for someone to be and do anything without suffering the consequences of it in real life. So, when you add this feature that you can do the actions in real life too and not suffer the consequences then you can completely change the entire industry’s selling point. This is exactly what most video game brands have chosen to do. They have added the ability to do things like tackle a character, run, solve puzzles, jump and even drive by using Virtual Reality headsets as the controller for the game.
  • Self-help and Therapy- While this may seem an odd category to use Virtual Reality as an asset, the application of it truly does wonders. Virtual Reality headsets are used on patients that have irrational fears such as a fear of heights, a fear of spiders, a fear of water, and other such phobias which are possible to be faced. Trained experts use a virtual reality headset on patients and create a simulation of the surroundings to be as they would be in situations where a person is on a cliff or a ledge if they are afraid of heights. Since the brain uses vision heavily to sense the surroundings, it is tricked into believing that is actually standing on a ledge. This helps patients face their fears and usually get rid of them once and for all.
  • Streaming Industry- Brands have started using Virtual Reality headsets for streaming and they have started to produce content exclusively for a Virtual Reality headset user. One of the biggest brands to get on this wagon would be Google through YouTube. Since YouTube is a giant in the streaming industry, it makes sense that they would choose to promote this new feature. This gives consumers a way to experience something new without having to go through all the trouble of purchasing something specifically for the Virtual Reality experience. You can find a “View in Cardboard” feature in the settings of almost every video posted on YouTube nowadays. Other streaming brands are trying to do this too. Even brands that are not necessarily streaming brands, but those that have video content have don’t this too. Example of such a brand would be Facebook which is not completely part of the streaming game. However, there are tons and tons of videos and web series on the platform.

Advancements of Virtual Reality

As something new comes into the market, every brand goes out on the hunt to modify the product, revolutionize in some great way, apply it in a completely different manner or even add more concepts to the new product. Video game brands did not shy away from exploiting Virtual Reality in every which way to create the next best thing.

One of the most revolutionary things that have been done using Virtual Reality is the HTC VIVE Tracker for video games. The Tracker is basically a device that you can attach on everyday objects to turn them into the tools you can use for your virtual reality game. In order to illustrate this, you can imagine a game of tennis where you can attach the tracker to your racquet and play in the game without having to do anything else. You can even use the tracker on a DSLR camera that you own to put yourself in the game as the actual player.

Importance for the Future and Possibilities

These advancements definitely sound like something from the future, but this is exactly what technology companies are interested in. It is no surprise that day by day, brands are doing something to create a place for themselves in the future and in society. Virtual Reality is one of the big things that have placed some tech companies on the map. The possibilities that come with this concept is also one that shows that the future is going to be extremely exciting. All in all, the future of technology looks extremely promising.

To summarize it all, it would be safe to say that not only has virtual reality changed some of the industries but also has given rise to new corporations in major industries. It is only a matter of time before we will be talking about the next thing that made Virtual Reality look like a dwarf in comparison.

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