How to Paint a Perfect Eyes using Acrylic Paint

How to Paint a Perfect Eyes using Acrylic Paint

The eyes are the most important facial feature and painting it with accurate way will add a perfect spark to the face. It is tricky to paint eyes as it needs finer details and thorough understanding of mixing the colors for the perfect pupil. Acrylic Paint can be used to make a picture painting. You can also order a drawing for your photo.

Painting Realistic Looking Eyes with Acrylic Paint

The article guides to paint realistic looking eyes with acrylic paint;

  1. Eyes Outline:

You must make a rough outline of eyes at first Reference picture can be used or a live painting also-it’s totally your call. With a pencil, try to sketch the areas of an eyeball, pupil, iris with the lines under your eye and eyebrows.  Avoid putting much pressure on canvas while sketching, which may lead to marks while painting on it.

  1. Areas Around The Eyes:

Before covering inside of the eye, an area around an eye should be painted. The tone should be kept subtle. Try not to make it too dark or light, by maintaining the color of the skin tone for an area around your eyes. You can make an eyelid highlighted by adding some shadow without making it overdo. Once you get the darker shade than rest, it is easy to highlight the lid. You should try blending colors so that you can avoid two mismatching skin colors.

  1. Inside the eyes:

An area inside looks like plain white but actually, it is not. If you check it properly, you will find a grey layer which is avoided mostly, while painting eyes. You should not ignore these tiny details, which will help to make eyes look more real. Bottom and top of eyes have a shadow present in it, and the center should always have a lighter shade. So you must paint it with a lighter shade.

  1. Iris and Pupil:
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Edges of iris and pupil have to be darker than inner layers. Vivid colors can be used to make eyes more striking looking eyes. The light can make the pupil look either small or big, you must take care of that. Make use of medium tone color for the coloring of pupil and iris.

Radiating lines of pupils also need to be highlighted with precision. These things must be observed carefully! Make sure that these radiating lines are not perfectly straight. Make a use of colors like red or yellow to highlight them of a subtle tone, which will not cause any concern

  1. Eyelashes:

Eyelashes add beauty to eyes. Some people have long and voluminous eyes while some have shorter and thinner eyes. You should start painting eyelashes at first. Eyelashes at the edge of the eye are much thicker and longer as compared to those towards inside. There is a difference between eyelashes from eyelid and at the bottom that exist. Top eyelashes are thicker and longer than a bottom.

  1. Touch-up:

You are almost there once you have checked all these points. Check for any touch-ups required in painting and refine if colors are much shallow but avoid making it muddy with touch-up layers. You should have the best striking balance and must have an idea of how to make them more impressive. Highlighting is important and if you do not add it, it may lose spark and a realistic touch of it. This makes it vital to understand how to radiate lines inside a pupil. You can use finer details like shadowing an eyelid or making eyelashes thicker on the edge of the eyes.

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